6 Best Backlinks Health Monitoring Tools or Services

6 Best Backlinks Health Monitoring Tools or Services

Many webmasters are actively involved in link building and spend hundreds of dollars a month to buy backlinks on trust resources. Everyone knows that promotion(SEO) on Google will be very difficult if, in addition to high-quality content, the site has nothing to offer search robots.

When 10-20 donors refer to a page or post(or get backlinks), there is no problem monitoring their status manually. When buying through popular exchanges, the system monitors the presence of backlinks on its own, but when working directly, you will have to take the situation into your own hands.

We have prepared an overview and comparison of 6 tools or services that allow you to monitor backlinks. They check for links on donor pages and send notifications about the deletion of site references.

Why watch out for backlinks?

The link mass is the foundation of the project, on the quality of which the effectiveness of website promotion in search engines depends. This factor is especially important for large pages that consistently receive visitors from Google. If the number of links drops sharply, the page’s position may drop.

Webmasters who buy backlinks through link exchanges usually do not worry about the fact that the owners of donor resources will get rid of paid links over time. Popular exchanges have insurance against deletion – the optimizer pays for the service and, if problems arise, gets a link from another resource.

If a webmaster uses shareware link building methods or works with site owners directly, there is no insurance. In a few months or six months, the donor may go offline forever, or the project will be sold and the new owner will want to remove the selling links.

Backlinks should be monitored around the clock so that the optimizer can spot problems in time and contact the resource owners before the search engine robots discover the loss. The faster you react to a deleted link, the more chances you have to restore it.

The experience of webmasters shows that the owners of sites that host backlinks do not always fulfill their obligations. They can remove the backlink page, add a no-follow attribute, or set up a redirect instead of a clean transition.

If you did not conclude a contract for a lifetime link placement, it will be difficult to get compensation from the project owner, but it is definitely worth fighting for the money spent. There are times when backlinks disappear due to carelessness. The webmaster posted a link, and then deleted the old article or pasted it to another page.

Link monitoring helps to solve the following tasks:

1. Change notifications. If the site stops opening or the link becomes unavailable for robots, the webmaster will know about it before anyone else.

2. Returning deleted backlinks. If you have preserved the contacts of the project owner, you can quickly contact him and ask him to solve the problem.

3. Collecting information about the link profile. All posted links will be at a glance. There is no need to separately buy a subscription to Ahrefs, Semrush, and other foreign analyzers.

4. Fast indexing of backlinks. Some monitoring services make it possible to inform search engines about new links.

5. Tracking progress. The service reports will show how many backlinks are transferring weight and how long the deleted links lasted.

6. Automation of routine. Monitoring tools are able to load information from external services. You can import data from Google Search Console and do other things.

The capabilities of backlink monitoring services differ, but globally they all work the same way. Some of them provide more useful features, but they are expensive and have strict restrictions on the number of tracked backlinks.


A little-known service which currently offers 3 tools. Webmasters can massively index backlinks, check indexing and put links for monitoring.

Key Features:

  1. Importing backlink data from Ahrefs, Search Console, and any custom file. Uploading from services is done manually, but the system recognizes the upload format of each service.
  2. Configurable scan schedule. You can update the data every day or once a week.
  3. Tracking the status of tasks in a special interface.
  4. Automatic check of donor page indexing.
  5. Creating a file with rejected links
  6. Data export to Excel.
  7. Email notifications.

The LinkBox has an internal currency of credits that are debited when tasks are completed. $ 1 = 100 credits, enough to check 1,000 links on a schedule. After registration, there will be $ 1 on the balance, which can be spent for an unlimited period of time. You can replenish your account only from a bank card; for transactions over $ 15, bonus credits are credited.


A popular SEO site analysis service that contains many useful tools. You can check the traffic of the project, remove positions, put the site on monitoring, and receive notifications about critical SEO events.

Key Features:

  1. Link profile statistics: indexing, cache availability, backlink type.
  2. Detailed report on anchors.
  3. Determination of leader pages by the number of posted links.
  4. Summary report for a specific date. Shows bursts of activity that can harm the site.
  5. Guest access to project data. The function is useful if the team has a link builder.
  6. Monitoring the effectiveness of your link strategy. The report shows the relationship between how lost or added links affect traffic.

In Sitechecker 3 tariff plans, which differ in value and limits for each instrument. A budget subscription for $ 19 per month gives you the opportunity to monitor the status of 3,000 backlinks. There is a free plan, but access to Backlink Tracker is closed on it.

SE Ranking

A comprehensive SEO marketing service that allows you to solve various problems. The main specialization is checking positions, but in the interface, you can also monitor traffic and competitors, draw up a website promotion plan and analyze backlinks.

Key Features:

  1. Import of data from Google Search Console and Yandex.Webmaster.
  2. Automatic addition of links from the Backlink Analysis tool in SE Ranking.
  3. Grouping links into folders.
  4. Information on each link: indexing, server location, number of page reposts in social networks.
  5. Backlink filter for a large number of parameters.
  6. Adding data on the cost and timing of link placement.
  7. Create a file for rejecting links.
  8. Exporting data to Excel.

In SE Ranking 4 tariff plans, which differ in cost and availability of limits for each instrument. At the most budgetary one for $ 7 per month, you can monitor the status of 1,000 links. If you don’t need any other tools besides backlinks, you can check 1,000 links for free once a week when you top up your balance from $ 20.

Read More About SE Ranking


The service has many tools for solving various SEO tasks that will definitely come in handy for a webmaster promoting one or more sites in search engines.

Key Features:

  1. Categories for links.
  2. Flexible configuration of the check schedule.
  3. Adding link sources and artists.
  4. Determination of SEO indicators of the domain.

The MegaIndex Backlink Checker is free, but its capabilities are severely limited. The interface is easy to understand, although the appearance is not conducive to work.

Monitor Backlinks

A foreign backlink monitoring tool that has earned a good reputation in the West. According to the internal data of the service, it is used by 71,000 users who have added 110,000 domains to the system.

Key Features:

  1. Automatic search for links without the participation of a webmaster.
  2. Information about the link profile of competitors.
  3. Detailed information about donors: indexation status, SEO parameters of the domain, country where the server is located.
  4. Flexible system of filters to search for links.
  5. Visual reports on domain zones, popular anchors, and nofollow/dofollow attributes.
  6. Daily and weekly reports.
  7. Create a file for rejecting links.
  8. The detailed history of data changes by links.
  9. Data export.

Monitor Backlinks is aimed at a foreign audience, therefore the cost of tariff plans is appropriate. On a budget subscription for $ 25 per month, you can monitor the status of 2,500 links.


Another foreign service, which is tailored for the analysis and monitoring of the link profile. It features a simple interface and convenient tracking of data on competitors.

Key Features:

  1. Automatic link detection without the participation of a webmaster.
  2. Full information about links: anchors, indexing in Google, SEO metrics, server IP.
  3. Competitor link profile data.
  4. Integration with Google Analytics and Ahrefs.
  5. Create a file for rejecting links.
  6. Flexible configuration of the check schedule.
  7. Export report to CSV and PDF.
  8. Guest access to project data.

In Linkody 5 tariff plans, which differ in the number of available domains and volume of links followed. A budget subscription for $ 14.90 per month allows you to monitor 500 links from two domains. The maximum number of tracked links is 40,000 for $ 153.90 per month.

To make it easier to make a choice, we prepared a comparative table for all services from the article. All important information is gathered in one place to find the best solution.

Many backlink monitoring services have a test period linked to time or balance, so you can test any of them. In the subjective opinion of the author of the article, SE Ranking, Monitor Backlinks, and Linkody are best suited for tracking links. Linkbox has a reasonable price, but there is little information about links.

Those who work with several sites at the same time and want to track tens of thousands of links cannot do without a service. For automation, you will have to pay an average of $ 200-300 per month for large volumes.

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