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This beneficial quality is considered a type of human virtue. Therefore, the numerous Whatsapp statuses about modesty are of a very different nature. Someone, frankly, lacks it, while someone else has it, on the contrary, in excess.

Modesty Is Not A Vice

There are a large number of ironic statements where people make fun of themselves or others because of excessive shyness. It is difficult to develop it in oneself, more often it is congenital. Therefore, the authors of the aphorisms laugh at the unsuccessful desire of some girls and even guys to seem more modest than they are.

1. Truly smart is only the one who does not emphasize his merits.

2. An ugly girl can put a big trump card on the table – shyness.

3. If you constantly watch TV every day, then gradually a certain impression is created that a woman’s shyness is a disadvantage, not a dignity.

4. An ugly, but the modest young lady is gradually becoming more attractive to guys because of her inaccessibility.

5. Shyness has two functions: it adorns a woman and allows her to keep her virtue more securely.

6. The more a person tries to appear modest, the more he betrays his ambition.

7. Men love shy girls. They awaken a hunting passion in them. And the trophy won then causes great pride.

8. He was humble to the point that a psychiatrist suspected megalomania.

9. Shyness makes an ugly woman more attractive. Beautiful, on the other hand, it makes you irresistible.

10. Modesty is somewhere in the middle between the complete absence of any shame and excessive shyness.

11. Every young girl is attracted to a man, but not everyone is bashful.

12. Don’t ask immodest questions and you won’t get shameless answers.

13. Exaggerated shyness is a manifestation of pride.

14. Shyness ends where love begins.

15. If you and I do not have at least 5 children after the wedding, then we will fail on the spot out of shame.

16. A truly talented person is always very invisible. And mediocrity is always boastful.

“I Don’t Need Modesty!”

Other “modest” Whatsapp statuses describe the unpleasant swagger of modern young girls and their complete lack of even elementary female modesty. However, not only ladies but also men have similar properties. The abundance of interesting statements on this topic only confirms the never-ending excess of assertiveness in many people.

1. My husband was just lucky – what a modest wife he has!

2. I am fantastically beautiful. I would say super beautiful. But I am ashamed to talk about my unearthly charm.

3. Shyness makes a girl irresistible. And her absence is amazing.

4. A modest woman is one who has nothing more interesting to show people.

5. If you want to achieve a lot in life, the first step is to completely get rid of shyness.

6. A shy person constantly begs for himself various praises, not only for his true merits but also for the fact that he does not push them out. This is how he exposes himself.

7. Modesty in the front and modesty in the back. There is also modesty inside.

8. Shyness is happiness. The impudence is double happiness. And 1 happiness is good, and 2 is better.

9. The more magnificent a girl is the more shy her figure demands. And what does not fit into a dress and catches the eyes of men is allowed to relieve modesty.

10. If the skirt is short, then bashfulness decorates even better.

11. These days, shyness is scrapped.

12. A shy girl – many people laugh at. Insolent, they admire.

13. It’s cloudy outside today. So, with my modesty, I will illuminate everything around like the sun.

14. Maybe bashfulness and decoration. But it’s too expensive. I cannot afford it.

15. If you make too modest desires, then everyday life will be too gray and completely bleak.

16. Only one who has a million permits himself to be ashamed.

17. I am so shy that I fall in love exclusively with myself.

18. Pride often makes people around you angry. But its only kind makes them a little more tolerant – modesty.

19. Anyone who constantly says that bashfulness is the real adornment of a young girl, apparently, is not able to give her other adornments.

20. An ugly woman should smile broadly all the time. That she’s shy doesn’t count. But a smile can be noticed by someone important and rich.

21. Pretending to be shy will get you double compliments.

22. Where does true modesty end and where does sheer coquetry and even flirting begin?

23. If you are shy, you have to be twice as impudent. Otherwise, they will simply trample.

24. I would be shy if I was not lucky enough to be born beautiful.

25. I still want to become more modest and all the time nothing comes of it.

26. The shy the girl, the fewer chances she has to marry successfully. She will simply not be noticed in the bride market.

27. I’m just amazing. And my most important chic is modesty.

28. A wealthy person is helped by the desire to be invisible. It hurts the poor.

29. Modesty – Shyness displayed at the wrong time in the wrong place.

30. I would die from the urge to be shy. But I’m afraid that I will be killed even earlier out of envy.

Modesty Is The Adornment Of The Beautiful

The overwhelming majority of the authors of the statements agree that it is still possible to instill this wonderful quality in a person. It is advisable that he was vaccinated by his parents in the earliest childhood. One way or another, but numerous Whatsapp statuses about modesty and upbringing make up a very interesting layer of aphorisms.

1. True bashfulness is a virtue. False is a flaw.

2. The shyness of a girl is more valuable than the diamonds with which a corrupt woman is hung.

3. Pride with shyness is not on the way.

4. Only a modest girl is truly highly valued by men.

5. Shyness is the cherry on top of the cake of virtues.

6. The ability to be inconspicuous and elegant cannot be learned, but it is required to teach such things to children. Then in life, it will be much easier for them to contact people.

7. Modesty will keep you from shining brightly. But she will attract true love to you.

8. Conscience and bashfulness always go hand in hand.

9. The more virtues a person has, the more valuable his shyness is.

10. If you want to check if someone is modest – praise him. Shy – embarrassed. And a fake one will only begin to emphasize his merits even more.

11. The ability to stay out of your eyes is strength. Impudence is a weakness.

12. Praise another meritorious person in the presence of false modesty. It was here that his imaginary bashfulness would crack at the seams.

13. Great is always simple.

14. Shyness often opens doors that arrogance could not open.

15. Only an absolutely confident person can seem inconspicuous.

16. If people have no conscience, then there is nothing to expect modesty from them.

17. Where there is bashfulness, there is no place for rudeness.

18. Do not try to catch the eye of others at all costs. Try to be remembered for your real merits.

19. When a humble person is praised by others, he is always surprised.

20. The more merit someone has, the easier it is for him to be shy.

21. A cheerful and modest girl pleases the eyes of the people around her. Noisy and cheeky – annoying everyone.

22. A shy and virtuous person rarely makes it to the front ranks. But people love him.

23. A shy woman should be called by others, not herself.

24. The life of a modest wife is not very diverse, but virtuous.

25. Learn to be inconspicuous and accept yourself as you are. Whoever is interested in you will pay attention to you.

26. A shy girl is a gift to the groom.

27. Simplicity is the companion of elegance.

28. Those who say that shyness is for ugly people are simply jealous that they do not have such a quality.

29. A beautiful woman through and through amazes the hearts of men with her shyness.

30. Among the many virtues of man, modesty is the most striking.

31. Even in a short dress, girls seem shy. Even in a dull outfit, some of them look like libertines.

32. If a woman is shy, then she gives her piquancy.

33. Everything beautiful is simple. And simplicity is the basis of modesty.

34. When a person does not climb into the eyes of others and is easy to communicate, he will be excused more than the impudent one.

35. The smart one always tries to be invisible.

It should be concluded that many authors regard the concept of “modesty” in different ways. Someone considers this quality to be an annoying excess, someone does not believe in it, and someone even tries to develop it in themselves.

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