Best WhatsApp Status About Him

A woman in love cannot think of anyone but the object of her love. Do you want to show your feelings to the whole world or hint to a man that he should take the first step? Choose appropriate Whatsapp status about him with meaning and post on your Whatsapp!

The First Love

Whatsapp status about him with meaning, short and capable of moving to tears, will give you the opportunity to share your experiences if you fell in love for the first time in your life and do not know how to achieve reciprocity!

1. I want us to have one future for two. It’s a shame you don’t want to see how beautiful it is.

2. I wish I could shout about my feelings at every corner instead of being silent and hiding my eyes from you. Suddenly you will find out. Suddenly you will laugh. What if your indifference will break my heart to smithereens?

3. First love is like chickenpox. Almost everyone is ill, but then immunity for life.

4. They say that the first love cannot be forgotten. I laughed at this until I saw him and realized that it was impossible to erase those eyes from my memory.

5. As soon as he passes by, my heart begins to pound to the tune of Mendelssohn’s march.

6. It was enough for him to take my hand – and now I fell in love once and for all.

7. I demand that you give me back my heart. In return, I promise my hand. A cute wedding ring will just look great on her!

8. It is a pity that even after many years I am looking in all men for someone whom I fell in love with as a naive girl who did not yet know the bitterness of disappointment.

9. You came, and light settled in my heart forever. Only it burns only in those moments when you are next to me.

10. First love sometimes seems like the stupidest feeling in the world. But only thanks to this stupidity we get the opportunity to say goodbye to childhood.

Unrequited Feelings

Unfortunately, our feelings are not always mutual. Quotes about him with meaning are a way to throw out your pain and get much-needed support.

1. If I knew that for the sake of your love I had to go around the whole world on foot, I would ask only one question. Nobody has an extra compass?

2. He is my light. My joy. His voice makes my heartbeat. His touch resurrects me. What a pity that I am just a good friend for him…

3. I know that you are happy with the other. And I forgive her. I forgive because I know: she gives you happiness that I cannot give myself.

4. Time does not heal from unrequited love. It only makes it clear that everyone else is just a pill needed in order not to think about that one for a while.

5. It is a pity that my love is not a snow-white bird. I would put her in my palm and ask her to fly to him, in order to remind her of me and my tormented soul with my singing.

6. When you love, but they don’t love you, it hurts. It is even more painful if you loved once, and then love passed.

7. You are the main person in my life. I am a casual passer-by for you. Apparently, I lost some heavenly lottery.

8. I asked the wind what to do so that he would love me as much as I loved him. The wind whispered: some things you can accept, but you will never be able to change.

9. Probably, he and I should have loved each other mutually. But in the heavenly office, they made a mistake, and all the love intended for two now lives in my heart.

When You Want To Share Your Happiness

Found reciprocity and think that your chosen one is the best in the world? Let him know about it thanks to the suitable Whatsapp status!

1. Look for love! Either way is worth going home!

2. I was wrong a lot. I admit I was with the wrong ones. But they were needed only so that I recognized the one who was destined for me by fate, at first sight.

3. I know I met him. After all, already at our first conversation, I felt that I had returned home and became myself. The very one that God intended me to be.

4. He is my strength. I am his weakness. And together we can achieve whatever we want.

5. Snuggle against his cheek. Plunge into its smell. Smile and think again: how good it is that we have each other!

6. A man came into my life who solved all my problems at once. It turned out that I had problems only because he was not there.

7. Simple arithmetic. Together we are one. Individually, we are sad zeroes, empty and lonely.

8. My man is the best. How do I know this? I myself have decided so and no one can convince me.

9. I just imagined that he wasn’t there. And I realized: without him, I will not have life. Only with him next to me, I learned to breathe deeply.

10. How did I know that I had met my man? It just turned out that before I met him, my world was black and white. And next to him, I began to see colors.

Love Lives For Three Years

Sometimes the feelings pass. But don’t despair. Gain valuable experience from what happened and boldly go forward!

1. Without it, I have no wings. Without him, I will not see more of the sky. How could you teach me to fly, and then leave, taking the donated wings with you?

2. Yes, everything is in the past. But this man taught me a lot. Appreciate yourself. Appreciate your life. Fight for your freedom.

3. He became a fresh wind that rushed into my life. It is a pity that he, like the wind, swept so quickly, leaving behind only a handful of memories.

4. Love has died. Long live new love!

5. When he left, my heart stopped beating for a moment. And in that moment I managed to die and be resurrected to a new life.

6. They say that a person should just be released. I wonder if those who invite me to do this understand that letting go of my soul means dying?

7. I loved you. And you, as it turned out, perceived my love as a trap. And now you are free. And my love, trampled and torn apart, lies on the cold ground.

8. Love is gone. But I will remember every moment, every kiss, every touch. And someday these memories will revive my soul.

Every woman dreams of meeting the very man who will make her happy. Take a closer look: maybe he is already there, but you just do not want to notice it?

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