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Whatsapp status about a skirt always attracts attention and does not lose its relevance, because such a wardrobe item can delight every person, regardless of gender and age. If you establish such statements on social networks, then you can easily make new friends and restore relationships with long-forgotten ones.

Wise Thoughts

Visitors to the page on social networks will definitely like the Whatsapp statuses about the skirt and attract their attention, it remains to choose only the most suitable ones:

1. The shorter the skirts, the faster men become active. This is what happens every spring and will never change.

2. If a man wants to attract everyone’s attention, he only needs to put on a skirt.

3. Men can be divided into two categories, the first running after skirts, others trying to hold on to them.

4. A man’s fantasy is most fully revealed under the shortest skirt of a woman.

5. Any man is angry with a woman in a skirt that is too short, if it is his woman.

6. Sometimes a husband and wife can think the same way, if they see a short and beautiful skirt on the street, then both of them dream of exactly that.

7. On February 23, many begin to torment themselves with the question of who should be congratulated, a woman in pants or a man in a skirt?

8. If the girl chooses the length of the skirt for herself correctly, she will be able not only to display beautiful legs, but also the presence of intelligence.

9. Sometimes boots, tight legs, and a very short skirt perfectly showcase and emphasize naturally crooked legs.

10. You should not wear skirts shorter than your panties.

11. Some women adore miniskirts, high heels, and rolled necks of men.

12. If a girl wears a short skirt, then a man doesn’t care if her bag matches her shoes.

13. The warmer it gets outside, the shorter the length of the skirts.

14. Scottish children are much more fortunate than residents of the whole world, because they can hold on not only to their mother’s skirt, but also to their father’s.

15. Men love summer, because they can admire short skirts and bare legs all the time.

16. Some girls will never go out without makeup, but they boldly go in mini skirts with heels and conquer the Universe with crooked legs.

17. When autumn comes, the skirt gets longer.

18. Previously, men tried to look up girls’ skirts, but now they just have to go to Instagram.

Time To Smile

Whatsapp statuses about short skirts can cause laughter through tears, because some girls manage to wear these wardrobe items, and look, to say the least, stupid. You should always think about whether this piece of clothing is right for her, so as not to cause laughter:

1. The less a woman hopes for a successful outcome, the shorter she puts on a skirt.

2. A man in a skirt can no longer be called a Scotsman or a transvestite, this is the name for true women who take on all responsibilities, family, work, and much more.

3. If a man decides to chase two skirts at once, he will invariably end up without pants.

4. The shorter the woman’s skirt. the longer the man’s gaze will be.

5. Sometimes you really want to put on your adored skirt in the spring, but you just have to force yourself into it.

6. In Scotland you don’t have to run for skirts, everyone has them there.

7. The skirt is like a trailer for a woman’s film, it should show only a few of the most interesting moments, but if the whole plot is revealed in advance, then it becomes no longer interesting to watch it.

8. If a woman constantly tells everyone the details of her intimate life, then she is quite capable of going out at home without a skirt and feeling comfortable.

9. Don’t cry about a skirt that has become small. It just ceased to contain all the beauty.

10. A woman’s skirt can be compared to a flag, for which a man will go anywhere, especially if raised higher.

11. It is believed that women love with their ears, but why then does everyone climb up to them under their skirts?

12. If the girl has a speaking gait, then let the skirt be silent. Well, if the hips are silent, then let the skirt scream and play.

13. A woman will look good if, as she gets older, everyone lengthens their skirts, but she only shortens them.

14. All that remains is to clap the girls who walk around in miniskirts in the cold and then try to raise money for their own treatment.

15. No one will ever be able to wrinkle a girl’s skirt if she does not wear it.

16. Some run after each skirt and strive to change women, and then the skirts start chasing them to force them to pass the paternity test.

17. A mini skirt – like a belt of infidelity, directly makes you do stupid things.

Quotes Of Smart Persons

Whatsapp status or quotes about skirts have a hidden meaning that not every reader can guess, you just have to think about it:

1. The older a woman gets, the shorter her skirt and higher heels.

2. Sexuality manifests itself only in such a way that the less the better. You should not reveal everything at once under a short length, you need to hide as much as possible, just do it correctly.

3. The worse a person’s voice, the shorter the skirt.

4. Only a skirt can show a woman in all her true beauty.

5. A woman who goes to bed with a man should take off her own modesty along with a skirt, but also wear it along with it.

6. To really become beautiful, a woman just needs to wear a sweater and a skirt, and also take her beloved man’s arm.

7. The closer the evening, the shorter the woman’s skirt becomes.

8. If a man today seeks to hide behind a woman’s skirt, then he should not be called a coward, he is just a magician.

9. When the man parted with the skirt, he immediately felt his masculinity and determination. Pants for this were invented to erase the difference between their own territory and someone else’s.

10. Even men think that skirts are good enough, certainly not bad.

Acquaintances and friends will surely like different statements about skirts, will give you a great mood and a storm of emotions, and will also remind you of beauty and impeccable taste.

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