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Best WhatsApp Statuses About Maldives

The Maldives is an island that has been compared to heaven on earth. Planning to go there or have you recently returned from the best trip of your life? This means that you will definitely need one of the statuses that you will find in this article!

Heaven On Earth

Maldive’s statuses are the best way to show off your wonderful vacation. Share your pleasant memories with your friends!

1. The name of the Maldives is said to literally translate as “palace island”. I think this name best captures the essence. After all, nature has created a real palace for people, where everyone feels like a king.

2. Is it worth saving up all year to get some luxury? Sure! These islands are worth every penny spent.

3. Nowhere else is there such a blue sky and such blue water as in the Maldives. Is that in Paradise!

4. You don’t know anything about vacation if you have never visited the Maldives.

5. Now I know what real harmony with nature is. Do you want to know this? So you go to the Maldives!

6. I am ready to confess my love for this place over and over again. Is it possible not to fall in love with the islands, as if specially created by nature for a perfect vacation?

7. For me, Maldives is synonymous with beauty.

8. Do you have to die to see Paradise? Not at all! Only 8 hours by plane – and now you see with your own eyes the incomparable beauty.

9. I only regret one thing. There is only one Maldives in the world!

10. What is the ideal vacation for me? Just a trip to these wonderful islands, where the sea is the same color as the sky!

How Sad To Come Back…

Quotes and WhatsApp status about the Maldives will help reflect your sadness caused by the end of your vacation and the onset of working days.

1. Want to know what Adam and Eve experienced when they were expelled from Paradise? You just have to come to the Maldives and then go home!

2. I will keep the memory of this place to bask on cold winter evenings, when there is so little sunshine and reasons for joy.

3. The Maldives is said to be the best honeymoon destination. I only had one “honey week”, and this is too little.

4. Not even a year will be enough to enjoy this amazing place to its fullest.

5. You can walk barefoot here. You can forget about the news here. There is no problem here. It is a pity that you cannot spend your whole life here.

6. People who are citizens of the Maldives are lucky and unlucky at the same time. On the one hand, they spend their entire lives in Paradise. On the other hand, once in Paradise, they will still yearn for home.

7. How to dream about something other than the Maldives now?

8. This little Paradise will always be in my heart. I will never forget it and will not compare it to other places. It’s like true love, next to which everything else is just fleeting hobbies.

9. Only after boarding a plane and leaving the Maldives, you can understand what a farewell to happiness is.

10. What a pity to leave … How joyful that there are new meetings ahead with these palm trees, beaches, sunsets, and the sea …

The Best Vacation In The World

They say that vacationing in the Maldives is better than anywhere else. Do you think the same? Best WhatsApp Statuses about the Maldives will help to share your point of view in the most eloquent way.

1. Only after visiting the Maldives do you begin to understand why their name has become a household name.

2. Here the earth itself gives you strength, here the sea itself heals from spiritual wounds. Then you understand why you were born.

3. Exotic delicacies, coconut trees, seafood … The Maldives is a gift for those who consider themselves a true gourmet.

4. If they ask me where I would like to spend my next life, I will answer – in the Maldives. Even if I am born in the body of a crab or turn into a coconut tree.

5. Here nature seems to hint to you that you were not born where you should have been.

6. What can you take with you from the Maldives as a keepsake? A little sunshine in your heart!

7. Only here I realized what it means to be in seventh heaven with happiness. To see this beauty means to part forever with the thoughts that life has no meaning. There’s a meaning. See the Maldives.

8. My love for these islands is as limitless as the ocean that surrounds them.

9. Less worry. More reasons to relive another year and visit this place again!

10. When God created the world, he accidentally gave the Maldives all the beauty and warmth that the rest of the countries should have gotten. Otherwise, I cannot explain why it is so good here.

Romantic Getaway

Where is the best place to declare love or propose marriage? Of course, in the Maldives!

1. If you don’t know where to confess your love to the one that has become the whole world for you, go to these paradise islands. May your union be sealed by the ocean itself!

2. You cannot forget the person with whom you saw the Maldives. After all, together you saw paradise on this earth!

3. Seeing the Maldives with your loved one means knowing true happiness. To refuse such an opportunity is simply sinful.

4. I will marry someone who says: “You know, just pack your things and go to the airport. Let’s spend the weekend in the Maldives! ” It is simply impossible to refuse such a person.

5. Nothing beats the feeling of squeezing the hand of a loved one. Is that squeezing the hand of a loved one, while admiring the sunset over the ocean?

6. Our love was born in paradise. This means that it will never end on Earth.

7. Is it possible to divorce someone who made a marriage proposal after purchasing tickets to the Maldives?

8. May our love be as endless as the local ocean. Let it be as light as the sand on a Maldivian beach. Let it be as sweet as coconut juice and eternal as the beauty of these places.

Life is given to us once. And it is worth holding it so that there is something to remember. What better memories than a holiday in the Maldives?

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