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Best WhatsApp Statuses About Principles

Statuses about principles will tell page visitors about how its owner or mistress chooses a life credo for himself, and what role it plays in everyday reality.

Statuses With Deep Meaning

Most of the statuses about principles are philosophical. Some of them begin with the phrase ” I live by the principle…”. Whatsapp Statuses of this kind will tell you what is most important and valuable for a person.

1. If you value life, you should abandon all principles, learn to value each other, and love – while there is still time for this, allotted by God…

2. A loved one is always much more important than any grievances, claims, and principles.

3. If someone never changes his own mind, he is simply a fool.

4. A person who knows important principles can compensate for ignorance of the facts with this knowledge.

5. The main enemy of any development is stereotypes and principles. After a while, there will be no trace of aggression; the feeling of love will pass. But when it comes to principles, it’s the hardest thing to get rid of.

6. A person should change his mind, but at the same time leave the principles intact – just like a tree sheds leaves, but at the same time its roots remain in place.

7. Circumstances always change – but your principles should remain the same.

8. Human character can be defined as the ability to follow certain principles regardless of circumstances.

9. When it comes to style, it is worth showing the flexibility inherent in the vine. If we are talking about principles, you need to demonstrate the tenacity of the rock.

10. Everyone should sometimes violate their principles. Otherwise, what’s the use of them?

11. If a person wants something, then he must certainly achieve it. And do not care about any opinions and principles of other people.

12. The basic principle of pain: the person who is feeling bad hurts others as well.

13. My principle in life is that making mistakes is completely normal. It is much worse to be inactive at all.

14. If a people or a group of people put privileges above their principles, then there is a great chance that they will lose both.

15. My main principle is to treat other people in the same way as they treat me. So if you are not satisfied with my attitude, think – maybe the problem is in you…

16. The main principles of everyone who wants to be happy should be sincerity and trust in relationships.

17. The basic principle of happiness is that if the problem can be solved now, it is worth doing. And if not, then you don’t need to stuff your head with it.

18. I live by the principle: you need to value your time. This is the most valuable resource and should never be squandered.

19. You should always be able to say no; at the same time put this principle at the forefront. Otherwise, you will be used by all and sundry.

20. There is a very important life principle, which among psychologists is called the “gear principle”: if you want to turn another – first turn yourself.

21. In any tense and stressful situation, it is worth remembering that, in principle, this is nonsense. And continue to do the business you need.

22. I live by the principle: never lend money. After all, I am not a bank. And not a charitable organization.

23. One of the main principles of life: you do not need to take on more than you can. You should not do the work that is outside your competence.

Humorous Phrases

Some Whatsapp statuses about principles view them from a more casual and humorous point of view.

1. One of my basic life principles: if you didn’t manage to be late for work, you should try to get out of there at least early.

2. The principle by which most microwaves work: there is a cold dish from a scalding hot plate.

3. Only on Friday afternoon do you realize: in principle, life is not so bad.

4. The basic principle of payroll is as follows: so that the employee has a desire to kill, but that he does not have enough money for a machine gun.

5. The basic principle of the Internet: everything that rocks well is good.

Male Utterances

Whatsapp statuses about the principles of men reveal the ideological characteristics of the stronger sex.

1. Every man should adhere to the life principle – never obey circumstances and always remain in the role of the master of his fate.

2. My main principle is to always reach the goal.

3. There is no time to waste. Every second is precious. This is the principle of those who belong to the category of the best of the best.

4. Success is never an accident. This is the result of several principles at the same time: perseverance, the ability to correctly assess reality, commitment to the end.

5. Sometimes silence is a failure. If you are silent, it means that you agree with other people’s life principles.

Phrases For Girls And Women

Whatsapp statuses about principles, created specifically for the female half of the population, reveal the peculiarities of the female worldview.

1. God be with them, with these principles! I’ll call him first. It is much better to be happy than to be self-sufficient and proud…

2. Women are creatures who basically live by the “I’ll think about it tomorrow” principle. But the trouble is, ultimately, this “tomorrow” never comes.

3. You know, I am a very principled person. For the sake of money, I’m ready for anything.

4. If you do everything for the sake of another and compromise your principles, then be prepared that this other will not do anything for you. Instead, he will step over and go on.

5. Girls never need to make an effort to impress men. And this is the main female principle of success. You cannot transgress it.

6. Our life often develops according to the principle of an escalator: people now and then stare at those with whom they are not on the way…

7. My life principles were formed a very long time ago – from the very childhood. If a boy is not interested in playing with me, I find another. Since then, little has changed.

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