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Cool WhatsApp Status About Life

Life is subject only to those who know how to handle it. On social networks, you can immediately see how strong a person is. After all, cool Whatsapp statuses about life are written only by those who faced it face to face and were not afraid to enter into a duel with fate.

What Is Our Life?

These statuses can be about friends, interests, or work. The main thing in them is that such phrases make it clear exactly how a person can influence his destiny. According to them, the degree of its reliability is determined.

1. Only the one who does nothing is not mistaken.

2. The past goes away, the future does not come. And the present causes unbearable pain to people. Therefore, they look forward to when it passes.

3. Those who haunted you in good times disappear faster than anyone at the first sign of trouble.

4. Life turns out to be even shorter than people think.

5. If you don’t get paid to act, why are you trying to impersonate someone else all the time?

6. Even a great man is forgotten a week after his death. Why do ordinary people think they will be remembered forever?

7. It is the life that beats people most painfully.

8. Happy is not the one who is all right. Truly happy is only the one to whom troubles have given a tiny gap.

9. If you want to do something stupid, you should not resist such a desire. It is possible that a person is given the only chance to be himself.

10. Do not brag. Envy has terrible destructive power.

11. How quickly the good ends. And the bad sometimes goes on forever.

12. People are afraid of death only as long as those whom they love are alive.

13. We are nothing belongs. Even the air from the lungs will have to be exhaled back.

Life Values

In order for the status to truly grace the Whatsapp, it must be carefully considered. Therefore, cool quotes should be carefully read, and only then choose the ones that are most suitable for posting on Whatsapp or other social networks.

1. Anyone who puts friends above relatives will be left without relatives and without friends.

2. To love without reciprocity is like praying in a church of another religion. Most likely, you will neither experience grace, nor get pleasure.

3. Do you dream of pure, light, and true love? Take your dog into the house!

4. How many years are we wasting at school! And then life retrains us.

5. Even if people had billions of dollars, still few people would want to buy a second life.

6. You try to be polite to everyone and everyone. And no one is on ceremony with you at all.

7. Peace is happiness.

8. Life is like social media. It’s boring, but it’s a pity to leave.

9. If a person smiles at you, it’s not a fact that he treats you well. Unfortunately, people realize this truth too late.

10. You can seem cool to everyone around you. But, returning home, and closing the door behind you, you know that in fact, you are not even able to resist yourself.

11. Only those to whom life smiles are afraid of death. Those whom she does not spare are the most courageous. They are not afraid of losing her.

12. From a change of thoughts, fate does not change.

13. New Year is given to people so that they understand what they should change in the old year.

14. Don’t fall in love with someone who doesn’t like you. Just waste your time and effort.

15. The past should be cherished. But don’t go to him too often. Otherwise, it will suck all the energy out of you. The past is a real energy vampire.

16. If you are defeated, then in battle. Dying, so with music!

17. If you do not feel sorry for anyone, then do not be surprised that no one is sorry for you.

18. Beauty does not exist in order to own it, but in order to enjoy it.

19. Today you were naughty to your wife, and tomorrow you choke in pain without her.

20. The brightest moments become understandable only when only memories remain of them.

What Is The Strength?

Sometimes people do not speak directly, but bluntly. Cool Whatsapp statuses about life with meaning sometimes become of great importance. Indeed, such a short phrase contains all human wisdom.

1. A friend is very often called someone who simply covers his wolf essence with sheep’s clothing.

2. The best ones are not those with 2 higher educations. The best are those who have compassion for the fallen.

3. Even the most fragile girl turns into a fighter when life will press her in earnest.

4. If someone points out how you need to live, then advise him to live a little like you. Weaklings like to tell the strong what to do.

5. Without a passport, there is no person. Without a social media account, there is no personality.

6. The one who gives advice to the one who does not ask for it is like the one who tries to feed the well-fed.

7. If a person does not remember you, then the best thing is to forget about him too.

8. The one who does not know life and is not able to say anything about it.

9. Even the best can fall into a muddy puddle. But only a few are able to rise from it with dignity.

10. Without a pair, this is someone whose page is liked by someone else every day. Everything is complicated: the guy sends poetry to the girl once a month. In a relationship: he sends her songs and pictures on social networks right in the morning.

11. For any person, beauty without money is just a mistake of nature.

12. Let’s wait and see how all the best will disappear.

13. If life has smothered you with all its might, welcome to the adult club!

14. In fact, no woman dreams of independence. She needs independence only from a bad guy.

15. Have you ever seen a poor man declare that happiness is not in money?

16. You understand that you love when you see how your boyfriend makes a fool out of himself and is not ashamed of him, but is moved.

17. Solving problems by pouring alcohol down your throat is not only useless, but also stupid.

18. Don’t waste time with someone who doesn’t even wish you happy birthday on social media.

19. It’s easy to love the best. And you try to feel sorry for someone who is not good at all.

20. If a man takes offense at you, then don’t deal with him. Why do you need someone else’s child? He has his own mother.

21. Family, like health. While she is, she is not appreciated.

Living Life Is Not A Field To Cross

Many cool Whatsapp statuses about life are so accurate and correct that you want to re-read them over and over again. People manage to convey their entire life philosophy in a few words.

1. The experience comes at such a high price that many people choose to remain children for the rest of their days.

2. Horror – when someone in the family died, and not when the guy left.

3. Nothing in life costs more than stupidity.

4. If someone got drunk with you, it doesn’t mean that you have a new friend. And the fact that someone supported you in trouble does not mean that the black streak is over.

5. Watch that the train of life does not rush past you!

6. How different is the life that we invented in childhood, from the one we lead.

7. No matter how hard you try, fate will still lead you to the same place.

8. Don’t decide anything in anger. Then you will be very sorry.

9. Life seems interesting only to those who do not really live. Those who know her inside and out do not enjoy her too much.

10. Atheist – until the first shaking on the plane. Believer – until the first death in the family.

11. If life is washed ashore, you should not try to build a cool whale out of yourself. Better to become a little mouse that stands firmly on its tiny paws.

12. The strictest judge of others is the one who has more shortcomings than all the others put together.

13. Never count on anyone if you don’t want to bite your elbows later.

14. Those who did not bury loved ones did not come close to life.

15. If you believe in forgiveness, then forgive yourself first.

16. The past cannot be returned, no matter how painful it may be. It should be experienced. Otherwise, it will tear the soul apart.

17. 2 deaths will not happen, but 1 will not be avoided.

18. Don’t be afraid to lose someone who didn’t hold on to you.

19. No matter how life has pinned down, but a person does not leave the ability to laugh.

20. The more you try to please everyone in a row, the more people around you look at you with more contempt.

21. The amazing thing is that no matter how someone is condemned, there will always be someone to whom he seems simply irresistible.

22. The biggest surprise for every person is that his dreams are not fulfilled.

23. Life turns out to be so difficult that it ceases to bring joy.

24. You can repeat as much as you like that you cannot repeat mistakes. And all the same, everyone repeats them. Because they are us.

25. The more fate beats you, the more interesting person you will become over time.

26. When patience runs out, endurance comes into play. And when it ends, then the person quietly moves to his end.

Reading cool Whatsapp statuses can be very instructive. Not all people go through difficult trials, but no one gets out of life without scrapes. Therefore, everyone needs to know how to deal with them.

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