Evil WhatsApp Status About Life

Sometimes the status of “evil” and a gloomy smiley can tell more about a person’s mood and life situation than all the words in the world. But sometimes you need to let people know what you are thinking about and what you are angry about: read the evilest Whatsapp status about life in this article.

Evil WhatsApp Status About Life

1. The most annoying type of people are the ones who always ask “What’s new” even though they have no idea what I had old.

2. Please remember! When they tell you that you will go far, they mean that you fail!

3. I really love the people around me. But even more, I love to lie that I love the people around me.

4. Men are divided into three types: those who break the heart, those who break the soul, and those who break the face.

5. Do you want to offend me? It’s a piece of cake. Only have to spit blood.

6. I am considered vindictive, but this is not true. I’m just angry, with a good memory.

7. Love is for a long time. But hate is forever

8. I have forgiven all my enemies a long time ago and wish that each of them had three cars: an ambulance, a police, and a fire brigade.

9. Forgive me for all these pointless quarrels about being a stupid fool.

10. My mood is divided into two parts: “Nobody loves me!” and “I hate you all…”.

11. My whole life in a nutshell: tearing new jeans by reaching for a dropped coin.

12. I am never rude – I just make it clear who you are.

13. I can forgive, but I can never forget.

14. Those who, on spitting in the back, philosophically note that they are ahead, simply never tried to turn around and break the creature’s nose.

15. I wonder why all the freaks in the world are so up in arms against me?

Evil Whatsapp Status About People And Life

We often get angry at work, at the people around us, at our own lives, and even at ourselves. Sometimes it turns out to be formalized in the form of a short statement, sometimes not. Here we have brought the evilest Whatsapp statuses about life with meaning, which will 100% express your emotional state.

1. I have a question for all those who drill walls on weekend mornings – do you hate all the people who live in the same house with you, or personally me?

2. When a good person does a good deed, it is taken for granted and not encouraged in any way. When a bad person does a good deed, it is perceived as a miracle and showered with gold. Then I wonder: why, when a good person does a bad deed, he flies more than a bad one?

3. Times change, days, years and whole epochs change, bringing us closer to a brighter future. And my life, as it was shit, and remains, and will be shit too.

4. When I receive a monthly salary, somewhere one oligarch laughs.

5. It seems to me that the prices for housing and communal services are specially set in such a way that a person, after paying them, has no money left to buy a Kalashnikov machine.

6. People are divided into two types – those who have time, but no brains, and those who do not even have time.

7. I’m sorry for all the trouble I brought you. No, no, thanks – you don’t have to return it!

8. As usual, you are wrong about me. So please, close your erroneous!

9. Try not to write for a while and not impose yourself on people, and you will be surprised to find that, in general, no one really cares about you.

10. I could close my eyes, pretend it’s okay. But unfortunately, I cannot live with my eyes closed.

11. When there are a lot of people around, I hate them. When I am alone, I hate myself. Therefore, it’s better to have people around so that I can hate them.

12. It happens that you offend a person, and it seems at first it’s embarrassing, sad. And after a couple of hours, spit.

13. I would like everyone who says that it hurts to part with a person, would try to bump their elbows on the joint. This is pain!

14. Sometimes I read the news and my fists clench by themselves with anger… and then they unclench, it doesn’t concern me!

15. When I see all these masters of life in expensive cars, passing through the red, only one question revolves in my head – did 1917 really teach you nothing at all?

16. It infuriates when you correspond with someone and the answer comes only after fifteen minutes. In such cases, in spite of myself, I answer only after half an hour.

17. You are talking about the decline in the birth rate, the fall in demographics… Would you yourself like to be born in a country where there are people like you?

18. Some people even in response to a smiley still want to say: “Well, why are you smiling?”

19. Our officials love to relax and buy real estate in Europe, because this is one of the few places where our officials are not in power.

20. My parents used to tell me that I walk too much and study too little. Now they say that I work too much and rest too little.

21. If my colleagues knew what I think of them, they would tell me what they think of me. Therefore, I am silent.

22. Nothing lowers self-esteem like a walk in an evening park filled with couples in love.

23. – And then I will slightly hug you, lean a little to your ear and gently whisper: “F@ck you”…

24. Honestly, the only thing that saves me from rash actions is the understanding that if I go to jail for murder, there will be no one to feed my cat.

Short, Angry Status

Read the best Whatsapp status – angry, short, and toxic. This is the best collection of short, poisonous sayings, quotes, and aphorisms that the Internet has to offer.

1. Hopefully, somewhere in a parallel world, cats are drowning people. And rightly so.

2. What is the most valuable thing in people? Internal organs, for them at least you can help out something.

3. When will people already understand that the main synonym for the word “in love” is the word “idiot”?

4. In this world, all people are divided into two types – those who do not care about you, and those who do not know you.

5. Life is when you strive for the light all your life, and then bang your head against the lantern.

6. People with bad breath always have tons of stories that they would like to share in secret.

7. Why is there still no law prohibiting breathing my air without my knowledge?

8. I always wanted to see a person who, after the phrase “hey, calm down!” really calms down.

9. If you can’t get the person out of your head, try a window.

10. The most annoying people are constantly smiling people. It feels like they would have put a bullet in the forehead with a smile.

11. Sometimes I forget that I hate these people, but then we meet again.

12. Of course, I’m not a shaman, but if the tambourine f * well – it won’t seem a little!

13. Of course, a man can break a girl’s heart, but a woman can break his balls in response.

14. Today you help a person, and tomorrow he does not help you.

15. I promise that after your death, I will not cry… except from laughter.

16. I never tell people about my own problems. I don’t want to cheer them up and make them happy.

17. Please don’t break my nerve cells! Otherwise, you will free my nervous tigers.

18. Every night, before him how to fall asleep, I think about you, scum.

19. I’m not paranoid, I just know too well what to expect from you.

20. Only juice is good, all normal people are evil.

21. Tell me who your enemy is and tell you where the trunk can be found.

22. Call an ambulance? hmm .. have you learned your lesson already?

23. Experience tells us that the most arrogant people are those who pretend to be modest.

24. The mood is such that you want to go somewhere. For example in the face!

25. – You know, I’ve already seen you somewhere. Isn’t that your face on the can of stew?

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