I Hate You WhatsApp Status

Whatsapp status will help you express your feelings and pain through social networks. “I hate you,” you can say in different situations.

If Love Didn’t Help To Grow Wings…

If a loved one has betrayed, then the answer will be fierce hatred. In this case, it is not enough to set the Whatsapp status “I hate you“, you need to make an accurate message to the one who awakened this feeling in you.

1. You are my life, a finished life.

2. Hatred, like revenge, is served cold.

3. I hate you as much as I loved you when we were together.

4. One of your steps left only hatred in my soul.

5. You will know that I have forgiven you when I write this with a nail on the fenders of your car.

6. Remind me if there is anything to love you for.

7. The most horrible thing is when you start to hate someone you loved until recently.

8. Hatred will eventually go away, and disappointment in love will remain forever.

9. The flip side of love is hate.

10. Summer is always followed by autumn, and love is followed by hatred.

11. Love led me to pain, and pain to hate. The next step is loneliness.

12. Hate gives me the strength to live happily ever after.

13. Fate is a bridge leading to a loved one, hatred burns him.

14. I know how to love, so now I truly hate.

15. It all starts with the words “beloved” and “sweet”, and ends with “dumb” and “hate”.

When You Love And Hate At The Same Time…

The Whatsapp statuses about love and hate are the most popular, because these feelings are often mixed and it is not clear what you are feeling at present. If you are ready to give your beloved a chance, then it is worth using them.

1. Jealousy leads to the fact that love is closely intertwined with hate.

2. It is very terrible to hate the one you love.

3. From hatred to love is just a step, the main thing is not to fall while I walk.

4. Forecasters in the evening promise warming, and what it will bring, love or hate – it’s up to you.

5. Building love takes action and attitude. One wrong decision is enough to awaken hatred.

6. The whole world belongs to loving people, and those who hate even lose themselves.

7. Hatred cannot be killed with negative feelings; only love can defeat it.

8. Everything in life is intertwined, love with hate, and online games with a passion…

9. Hate has a right to life, it is the same feeling as love and attraction.

10. How can you feel love and hate together?

11. Love simplifies everything, and hate complicates…

12. You turned your back on me, that’s why my love for you became hatred.

13. One phrase of yours was enough to replace love with anger. Well done, you put the dots – add two more so that it becomes an ellipsis.

14. Love is destroyed by indifference, not by hatred.

15. It’s good to love = hate, and righteous anger sometimes equals love.

16. We hate the ones we love more because they cause more suffering.

17. Hatred for you will go away, resentment will fade away, and anger will disappear. Only disappointment and indifference can dissolve us.

18. I love you for what you are, but I also hate you for it.

19. Hatred overshadowed my eyes, remind me what I saw in you before…

20. I am learning to appreciate the one without whom I cannot… Only resentment and hatred interfere.

Completely Disappointed In Love? That way:

The Whatsapp statuses “I hate love” are often found on the network. You can say more beautifully and more interestingly about this:

1. In our feelings there is a complete idyll: you hate me, and I have this feeling for love.

2. I despise love, my choice is loneliness.

3. I lost, the hatred in me won a complete victory over love.

4. It’s time to rename February 14 to Hate Day.

5. Love does things that are more like mockery. So I don’t want to experience it anymore.

About Hatred Of Others

We all know how to express that step from love to hate. Whatsapp statuses will help you do this beautifully when negative emotions spread to everyone around you.

1. Now only hatred warms me in my soul. Cursed be he who turns off the hot water!

2. You should not regret the past, it was also unfavorable to me.

3. I am ready to tell you about some people around you that even Windows will stop welcoming.

4. I hate it when people don’t know what they want and what they are talking about.

5. Many talented people are hated by just a few words.

6. I believe in hate at first sight.

7. I’m not an idiot to give people a third chance, I gave a second out of great generosity.

8. You can forgive people for everything except betrayal and absence from their side at a difficult moment.

9. I am ready with the words “I hate the creature” to delete half of my phone book.

10. My hatred is just the opposite feeling from yours.

11. Those in whom I am completely disappointed will no longer be in my life. While I still hate the chance.

12. You touched my heart and then spat into my soul – what else do you expect from me besides hatred?!

What if the words “I Hate You” tell you what to say?

If you saw others’ Love and Hate statuses facing you, then you should answer them harshly.

1. Hate will leave only negative responses in your life.

2. To all the standard questions I answer: “I am doing well, my mood is high, I am hanging out on the Internet.” Think about the rest yourself or ask questions in a personal, if your grave has already been dug.

3. The highest degree of inhumanity is hatred, it will destroy you.

4. If you hate me, it means I won.

5. Your hatred flatters me very much.

6. I do not leave anyone indifferent: some love me, while others hate, although they try to hide it.

7. The sweet taste of hate deceives you – it will burn you from the inside.

8. Weak people hate, only the strong are capable of indifference.

9. If they hate me, I am popular, and that is very flattering.

10. Your hatred for me is a mutual feeling.

11. Only for the goodness I answer with goodness, don’t you expect to receive it in response to hatred in my direction ?!

12. Apparently the time is like this: there is only anger and hatred around…

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