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Malware in the context of this article (PUP, AdWare, and Malware) are not exactly viruses, but programs displaying unwanted activity on the computer (advertising windows, incomprehensible computer and browser behavior, Internet sites), which are often installed without the knowledge of users and are difficult to remove.

Protect your site from malware with this free online malware checking tool! A quick and easy way to find out if visiting your site is safe. It will help you protect your site's reputation from potential threats such as viruses and phishing. Phishing is an activity that often includes financial fraud, infringement of intellectual property, and theft of consumer data.

That is why we have developed a special tool called Google Malware Checker to help you detect malware on every website you visit, including your own. This malware scanning tool uses intelligent malware detection software to efficiently detect viruses and malicious scripts on different pages.




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