WhatsApp Status About Care And Attention

They will help to interest themselves, express their thoughts and feelings. Whatsapp statuses about the care and attention of someone, perhaps, even make you think about the sincerity of feelings.

A truly loving person does not have to fight for their attention.

Participation, sensitivity, responsiveness – the manifestation of these valuable masculine qualities will be inspired by wise thoughts presented as Whatsapp statuses about a man’s care for a woman.

1. It takes patience to conquer a woman, to lose her is neglect, and to keep her is attention.

2. If you have conquered a woman, do not hold her back by force. Don’t make her want to leave, but she can’t. Make it so that she can leave, but did not want to

3. Remember that a real man is not the one who conquered many women, but the one who made the only one happy.

4. The vessel where a woman places male attention and care has no bottom

5. When a woman is not taken off her eyes, she blooms before our eyes

6. Lack of attention to a woman can cost a man a lot.

7. Valuable is the man who knows how to turn passion into tenderness and care

8. If a man is sympathetic and sympathetic to a woman, she will certainly think about the possibility of being together.

9. A flower withers without sunlight, and a woman withers without male attention

10. Caring for a woman does not tolerate indifference. If you don’t care, someone else will.

11. A woman feels most acutely taking care of herself at a time when she is especially unprotected and open. It is like a large towel served by a man to cover a woman’s nudity. Presented at the right time, such a towel can be the very price of reciprocity.

12. Despite the independence that a modern lady aspires to, she will have a pleasant inspiring feeling when a man takes her under his protection. It is a special tickling feeling when a true woman wakes up inside.

A girl spoiled by male attention is won with patience

If you are still unrequitedly in love, Whatsapp statuses about a guy’s care for a girl can push you to do the right things that can win the heart of your beloved.

1. The inattention of a guy whom she deliberately ignores is the biggest disappointment for a girl

2. There is no better love potion than self-brewed coffee, presented in the morning.

3. The most valuable gift for a girl is attention. Moreover, it is much cheaper than other gifts.

4. A fashionable car, jewelry, and fur coats will never replace the time devoted to her alone. If a guy, in spite of everything, finds time for a girl, then he loves so much

5. If you are not attentive to a girl, do not be surprised that she turns her attention to another.

6. A girl’s most valuable attention is that which she does not try to attract.

7. Girls are like plants: with insufficient care, they can wither away, with excessive care, they can become rotten.

8. If you want to tame a girl, carry her in your arms.

9. Caring is the most sophisticated tool for controlling an insidious girl.

10. A girl who feels genuinely involved gives much more in return.

11. If you think about a girl only when you want, do not count on her reciprocity.

12. A girl is like a flower: if you like it, you pick it, but if you love a flower, you take care of it every day.

13. Caring is when you got cold at night, so you got up and covered her with a second blanket.

14. Learn not to worry about the girl, but to take care. And take care so that she does not worry.

15. Not everyone can love without striving for guaranteed reciprocity. Not everyone can and will want to take care just like that, without expecting a reciprocal feeling.

16. When showing attention to a girl, remember that compliments attract attention, but only actions give rise to sympathy.

Small attentions can lead to big feelings.

Whatsapp Statuses about care are a kind of clues about how to deal with family and loved ones, truths expressed in simple words.

1. Love is often considered to be passion. She is, of course, part of love, but not her heart. She is like a seasoning in a dish. But care is the main ingredient.

2. Caring contains a healing power, it is like a palm, soothing pain

3. Caring for the happiness of another, a person finds his own

4. Caring is when your boots, which you forgot about in the evening, are already cleaned and dried.

5. A person becomes blind to what he sees daily. Be attentive, know how to notice the miracle in every day.

6. Love is when in the rain under an umbrella there is a place for both, and they have one concern for two

7. Caring actions and kind words can do more than a doctor for a sick patient

8. Take care of the woman so that she has enough strength to take care of you and your children

9. Never ignore someone who is caring for you. One day you may realize you lost the moon by counting the stars

10. The relationship between a man and a woman is destroyed when they understand the hints that they did not intend to do, and do not hear those that are expressed to each other directly

11. The real concern is if you are sick and he breaks the pill to make it easier for you to swallow.

12. If a man doesn’t like to take care, then he just doesn’t love

13. If you do not care for roses, they will turn into rods.

14. You will never truly understand how caring a person was with you until he turns his back on you.

15. A woman is considered annoying when she asks for gifts and attention. But when she no longer asks for anything, it means that she has everything and she does not need a man.

16. To hear a woman, you have to pay attention

17. It’s a shame for a man to work only for himself – he should take care of at least someone

18. If you love a person, then you want him to feel better from you. Even if it is just a sewn-on button.

19. Before you start sharing your attention and participation with someone, you should first fill your cup so that you have something to give.

20. Be attentive to people, then you will learn about them even more than they know about themselves

21. Lonely is not the one who has no one to care for, but the one who does not want to show anybody’s participation

22. Don’t be afraid to show concern – think about your character, not your reputation. Character is what you really are, and reputation is only the opinion of other people about you.

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