WhatsApp Status About Playing With Feelings

Feelings Are Not For Fun!

The best thing in a person is the ability to feel subtly. But how can such an open soul not be confronted with the opposite and become a pretext for a disgusting, low game? Perhaps the answer will be given to Whatsapp statuses about the game with feelings…

1. If the feelings of the other are for you a reason to have fun, you can only sympathize…

2. One who can play on feelings is not capable of feeling.

3. The weakness of a person in his feelings. Whoever rules over them, then rules over him.

4. It happens that feelings for a person intoxicate you. And I don’t want to sober up in any way… And someone at this moment uses your condition…

5. No one will take possession of my heart until I myself want it.

6. My heart burns in feelings for you. But this energy helps me live!

7. Looking at you and not being able to touch, kiss, is the same as looking at the scorching sun with an unprotected gaze. It hurts.

8. To awaken the feelings of one man… sometimes you need another.

9. Girls! Let each of us have a guy spoiling lipstick, but not mascara!

10. How worthless must be the life of someone who entertains himself by playing with other people’s feelings!

11. Our relationship is…

12. It happens that you would give a person everything that you have. And he needs it. But not from you…

13. It happens that people disperse not because love has passed, but because one of them began to value himself more.

14. My wife and I live without reproach. And we fight like that too.

15. Having fun with the feelings of another is one of the worst vices in life.

16. If a person does not understand what is in your soul when you are silent, you can not tell him about it. He won’t understand.

17. Stole my heart and sold it… on the cheap.

18. There are people who promise to help. And there are those who help.

19. A person who never assigns status is intimidating. Nobody knows what is on his mind.

20. I start every day with a pleasant one. With a smile, makeup, and… thoughts of you!

21. Feelings are when a man finds himself among many beautiful girls and thinks: “I wonder how mine is now?”…

22. If your feelings are laughed at, the problem is not with you, but with the one who is not able to appreciate the most important thing.

23. When driving on someone else’s ears, at least do not exceed the speed.

24. Don’t listen to the words. Observe the actions, and you will understand how the person really treats you.

25. People love those who love them.

26. My beloved was angry in the morning. And in the afternoon it was aggravated, because I innocently asked if she had fallen out of the stupa.

27. Those who judge their success by someone else’s admiration are doomed to live in constant anxiety.

28. Women know how to be so silent that it is impossible to interrupt them.

29. – What is a beautiful woman afraid of? – That no one will look in her direction!

30. Feelings are like nerve cells. If they are dead, they are not restored.

31. Sign: if a woman lives as if she flies on wings, her man does not grow horns.

32. It is easy to destroy trust and love if you are not afraid to offend each other. And it seems like a quarrel is a trifle, and you both have already forgotten about it. But the next time, having quarreled, you will remember this insult, and the next one will be layered on it … Remember, quarrels slowly destroy feelings.

33. You live constantly – in my heart, in my soul, in my head. And I have only one question… When will you pay me your accommodation ?!

34. “Thank you,” spoken with feeling, allows someone to feel that life is not in vain.

35. I have a man who loves me, indulges my weaknesses, and will always help me out of any alterations. I am very grateful to you, dad…

36. I’ll stop loving you and start a Tamagotchi. The interactive animal does not hang out in pubs with other girls…

37. If a person has fallen in love, it means that his sense of humor no longer works.

38. If you never believe, then you will never be betrayed…

39. It is not so often you can meet a person to whom feelings leap. And if this happened, it is necessary to preserve it in every possible way.

40. I am actively searching! I am looking for someone to extend my feelings to.

41. Spring has come – get your feelings off the shelf and make sure that no one uses them!

42. A good person is defenseless. His eyes cannot see, but his feelings can fail.

43. More than half of social media users have no marital status. Because they did not find the columns: “I live with…”, “I want to quit for a long time…” and “I sleep with…”.

44. I don’t know how to lie in love. But I speak a lie masterfully.

45. The torn photo can be glued together. Soul – no.

46. My soul is not a piano for you to act out like that.

47. Our life is a game, but the actors are completely shitty…

48. Men play love so they can have sex. Women play sex so that they have love.

49. Life is a game with a shitty scenario, but high-quality graphics.

50. Love at first sight exists! I realized this when I saw this dress…

51. Never argue with a man! Cry immediately!

52. Crack sadness with the bubblegum candy liner!

53. A psychologist’s diploma must be given to… a girlfriend with a bottle of cognac.

54. They sleep with some girls, others see them in their dreams.

55. Just break my heart! I will make you collect and glue the fragments.

56. He kindled a fire in my heart… and only to warm himself.

You Don’t Feel – You Don’t Live

Those who are not able to feel other people’s feelings are able to disguise themselves. Doesn’t this explain that people with a subtle soul are often drawn to scoundrels? Let the statuses play on feelings save you from such unions.

1. The soul is tired… So I want to find someone who will help her to rest.

2. It is impossible to attract a person and then repel. Life will take revenge on you for such a disregard for other people’s feelings.

3. Favorite entertainment for some is to play with other people’s feelings.

4. The question is to someone who has “Everything is complicated” in his personal life. Is it difficult because you are so difficult or, on the contrary, is someone using you for their own purposes? Perhaps, to be honest, it won’t be difficult to answer this question anymore?

5. The most disastrous scenario of life is to have a relationship with a man who either left or came …

6. If the person doesn’t catch you, there’s nothing to play with. They let go and left.

7. Dude, you’re not a Boeing to have spare airfields!

8. The wives of the trucker, driller, and shift worker found out that they were married to the same person…

9. There is nothing to play with a woman… otherwise it turns out that she plays better!

10. I am a creative person. I play brilliantly on the nerves and feelings!

11. As soon as you open up your feelings, bam – and someone is already playing with them!

12. To feel and think at the same time is something that even Julius Caesar could not!

13. Why is it so in life? A sincere person necessarily stumbles upon an amateur to play with other people’s feelings?

14. There are people who laugh at everything in the world. Including over feelings. Even over their own.

15. Even when parting with an unworthy person who pretty much shit in your life, you think: what if he is not as vile as it seemed to me? Maybe he didn’t mean that at all…

16. You need to remember feelings and forget words.

17. You can joke with your loved ones, but not with their feelings.

18. In some ways, the best thing for the heart is to become insensitive.

19. I want a pure, light, real feeling! But as you look around, you understand – well, it is in fig!

20. A great punishment is to live when your soul is wide open…

21. It is helpful to develop a habit of hiding your feelings. In many cases, this helps to preserve yourself.

22. – How else to say: “Do not take it to heart”? – Turn off the ability to feel!

23. Some people have butterflies fluttering in their stomachs. From others they die…

24. If a person is brought to indifference, he will not return from there.

25. How disgusting is the feeling of disappointment in the one you loved…

26. Music is anesthesia for a broken heart.

27. The first person you think about in the morning and the last person you think about in the evening owns your feelings. In most cases, they are the same person.

28. Apparently, I really want to play with my feelings, because they are well-tuned…

29. Often in life we ​​do not love a specific person, but what he could, according to our ideas, be…

30. How much to open your heart to the world is up to you. And if someone took advantage of your excessive openness, you can only blame yourself.

31. Experiencing feelings for a person, we experience this himself.

32. A person who has no feelings is not a person.

33. Think about what it would be like for you if you played with your feelings in the same way as you do…

34. When you are once again visited by a bright idea to open up in your feelings, it is better to shut up in time!

35. If you don’t control your feelings, control your words.

Appreciate your feelings and do not throw them around! Not everyone who meets us on the way deserves to be admitted to the secret…

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