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Beauty … Everyone understands it in their own way. Do you want to share your ideas about beauty? Choose suitable Whatsapp statuses about aesthetics and post them on your Whatsapp or on the social network!

Beauty Is A Terrible Force!

Quotes or Whatsapp status about aesthetics can be quite controversial. However, they say that tastes differ!

1. Beauty is the only weapon that has the right to exist in our world.

2. Beloved eyes are always beautiful. And when they cry and when they laugh. But they are especially beautiful when they look at you with love and tenderness.

3. There is not a single ugly woman in the world. There are only women who have not yet believed in their beauty, did not allow her to open up, do not believe in themselves.

4. People are not made beautiful by cosmetics and plastic surgeons, but by faith in themselves and the confidence that they are irresistible.

5. A beauty can be unhappy. Ugly women win happiness. Why? It’s simple: the aesthetics of the soul is more important than how our faces and shapes look.

6. Ideal proportions are 90-60-90. 90% self-confidence, 60% love for others, and 90% – the ability to see your strengths and go to victory!

7. My aesthetic is not about perfect proportions and tons of makeup. It is a sincere smile on your face, interest in the people around you, and the ability to help those who need it.

8. Someone is made beautiful, someone is a skilled stylist. And I stake on the books I have read and a good sense of humor.

9. Aesthetics is mathematics that cannot be expressed in numbers, but you can feel it with your heart and soul.

10. Do you see the beauty in other people? They will also see you beautiful. Do you think those around you are ugly? So your heart is ugly.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

If you love someone, he seems to be the most beautiful person in the world. And this thought can be reflected in quotes about aesthetics and beauty!

1. What makes you so beautiful? You think it’s all about makeup and fashionable clothes. But in reality – your dimples on your cheeks. Your freckles. Your laugh. The warmth of your hands. Your beauty is a reflection of your bright soul.

2. Fashion is changing. But one thing is invariable. We consider what we love to be beautiful.

3. When do I consider myself attractive? When I see that you are looking at me with love!

4. The best mirror for a woman is the loving eyes of her beloved man.

5. My aesthetic is warm sweaters, the smell of whiskey and wood, the warmth I feel when you hug me when you come home after a long day at work.

6. I love you. This means that I consider you the most beautiful and sexiest person in the world. You laugh at my taste. But I know the secret. The one who is loved is beautiful.

7. Do you know what the secret of great artists is? They loved their models. And we feel the light of this feeling when we look at their canvases.

8. If you feel something for a person, everything that he does seems aesthetic. Is love gone? Even the most beautiful one will become ordinary for you. Our heart can see better than our eyes.

9. You see only flaws in yourself. I see the most beautiful person in the world, whose wings were once broken. You are beautiful. And I will help you find the feeling of flying again.

10. Over time, our face begins to reflect the aesthetics of our heart. We see evil people right away. As well as the good ones. Watch the purity of your thoughts so as not to lose your inner light!

Its Own Aesthetics!

The idea of ​​beauty is individual. Share your understanding with your followers and friends!

1. Someone believes that there is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a pumped-up body. Someone likes curvy shapes. But I love ordinary people. We don’t see them on the catwalk and in magazines. We see them in the mirror.

2. What’s my aesthetic? This is a cup of hot tea in winter. This is a spiky scarf. These are snowflakes on a mitten, which can be looked at for hours without ever seeing two alike.

3. For me, nature is the best artist. I will never tire of admiring her creations. I will never stop thinking that people are just imitators of the greatest teacher, whose name is the Universe.

4. Fashion is polished glass. True beauty is a diamond. What to choose? I think the answer is obvious.

5. They tell me that I have no taste. I say: you just haven’t grown up to my aesthetics yet.

6. Are you scolded for bad taste? Wait, keep on bending your line. Believe in yourself. People like you eventually begin to define the taste of an entire generation!

7. The longer I live, the more I become convinced that fashion has absolutely nothing to do with aesthetics.

8. I don’t understand how fashion can change? How can the golden ratio change? Who will stop considering Leonardo da Vinci’s creations beautiful? There is the transitory, and there is the eternal. The second is truly aesthetically pleasing. The first is a toy for those who have nowhere to put their money.

9. Gems? Decorations? Expensive cars? No. My aesthetics are morning at the dacha, dew on the grass, the flight of a moth around a lighted lantern.

10. Sometimes under a beautiful mask lurks an eerie interior. And you need to learn to look not with your eyes, but with your soul, in order to learn to distinguish genuine diamonds from glass.

Absolute Beauty

One can argue about what is beautiful and what is not. But there is something that absolutely every person in the world considers to be beautiful.

1. Butterfly wing. Sunset over the sea. Dew on the grass. There are things that are absolutely aesthetic, which are embodied aesthetics.

2. Anyone who has been to Rome knows what real beauty is.

3. When did we stop building palaces and started building high-rise buildings of the same type? When did we abandon aesthetics in favor of fast consumption?

4. Look for what seems beautiful to you. Surround yourself with what you like. Listen to yourself, not famous designers. And you will be able to understand what your soul looks like, and not the surrogate with which they are trying to replace it.

5. Beautiful is not what they are trying to sell you at a higher price, but what your heart is drawn to.

6. I see beauty in wounds, scars, tears. After all, all this – even to the growth of our soul.

7. You can paint a pretty face. But you can’t take a brush and fix the flaws in your soul.

8. The fashion for sizes and proportions, for outfits and jewelry is changing. But a pure soul will always be considered beautiful. Empathy will always be in vogue. They will always love those who know how to give warmth.

Aesthetics is a real art. Try to master it perfectly, and you will make many amazing discoveries.

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