Se Ranking: An Overview Of The Service For Measuring Positions

Se Ranking: An Overview Of The Service For Measuring Positions

SE Ranking is a cloud service, a tool for SEO optimization, query monitoring, and site position analysis. Includes functions for checking links, queries, selecting keywords, viewing competitors.


Upon first registration, you will be offered a demo version or a 14-day trial period, which allows you to familiarize yourself with all the functions of the service. Further, the cost starts from 4 to 539 dollars per month.

SE ranking offers the following rates:

Personal – from $ 7 to check 5 sites, 5000 keywords;
Basic – $ 31, check 10 sites, 50,000 words;
Professional – $ 71, any number of resources, 200,000 words;
Business – $ 151, unlimited resources, 400,000 words.


SE ranking is a tool that measures the position of a site, has great functionality for SEO-promotion and output to the top:

  • check for several search engines: Google, Yandex, yahoo, bing;
  • research of the semantic core;
  • monitoring requests;
  • keyword rating;
  • checking links;
  • SEO site audit.



Keywords and the semantic core – this is the basis in search engine promotion, influences competition. SE ranking tool analyzes queries in 40 countries. SEO analysis provides information on:

  • difficulties;
  • search volume;
  • competition;
  • cost per click;
  • similar queries;
  • the frequency of keywords in queries from different countries and search engines.

You can filter or group the list using the clusterer.


The service can track links on the pages of your resource, as well as backlinks. Analysis of competitors is possible. Analysis reporting provides information:

  • about the credibility of your page;
  • the total number of links;
  • about the ratio of links to the main page with the rest;
  • definition by country;
  • dofollow, nofollow.

By monitoring other resources, you can understand the SEO positions of competitors, their change over time.

The tool allows you to monitor backlinks to improve the position of your resource or identify problems. Reveals active, lost, broken, outdated links. Backlinks can be analyzed by domain, IP address, subnet.


Keyword position checkers help to track the ranking for queries. For analysis, you need to download the list, then run a check in the search engine. It also has several additional tools:

  • you can create a group;
  • check by groups is possible;
  • set the reporting update period;
  • set a filter.

However, SE ranking tools do not allow you to see the impact of a particular keyword on the promotion performance.


In marketing strategy, it is important to understand your competitors in order to improve your own position.

Checking positions in SE ranking allows you to see TOP resources by queries, displays URL addresses. Useful for identifying competitors by semantic core or early tracking. You can also compare the positions of your site with others.


Visibility is the number of users to whom a search engine displays your site. This is a direct comparison of SERPs with competitors.

With this tool, you will be able to research and understand your competitors. The system finds other sites that follow the same algorithm as yours.

Provides information:

  • traffic analysis;
  • setting up the geography of traffic;
  • displays TOP 5 paid and organic competitors;
  • displays missing, unique or related keywords of your site and competitors;
  • you can compare three resources at the same time.

However, there are limitations:

  • information is relevant up to four months;
  • does not analyze the traffic of social networks and mobile applications;
  • lack of demographic information;
  • view only search ads.


With the help of an audit, you can identify and fix most of the SEO mistakes, improve the promotion. SE ranking audit evaluates:

  • the general condition of the site;
  • ranking the identified problems as critical and insignificant;
  • indexing;
  • Moz DA and Alexa ratings;
  • analysis of optimization, program code, images.

The report includes:

  • server response codes;
  • robots.txt blocking;
  • the presence of duplicates or empty meta tags;
  • depth (the number of clicks to go from a third-party page to the home page).


Users speak generally positive about the service, but note a number of disadvantages:


  • inexpensive rates;
  • contains the basic required functions;
  • simple, intuitive interface.


  • small databases of keywords and links for analysis;
  • functionality is inferior to competitors.

However, if you have a small resource or are looking for a simple, convenient program with a basic set of functions, then SE ranking is your choice.

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