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Best WhatsApp Boxing Statuses

People who believe that real men play hockey simply have not encountered boxers. After all, hockey, compared to boxing, is just a kindergarten on ice. Where, if not in a real battle, the character is tempered and the most important traits manifest? Whatsapp Statuses about boxing and kickboxing are perhaps the most courageous sports.

They Don’t Do Boxing, They Live Boxing!

Have you ever heard the phrase “former boxer”? And because they don’t say that about boxers. Boxers, of course, are not born, but they become once and for all. Whatsapp Statuses about boxing are about a sport that does not leave.

1. Boxing is life.

2. Boxing is perhaps the most violent sport. But this is the sport that most resembles real life!

3. Boxing is not for you to post statuses on Whatsapp. Boxing is a discipline that defines and then pushes the boundaries!

4. A good coach does not just teach you how to fight, but teaches you how to live correctly.

5. Boxing is a reason to be better, stronger, and faster. It is not only a means, but also an end! The goal is to be healthy, do not use drugs, do not smoke, do not drink. Boxing is when you can answer for your words and those of your loved ones. Boxing is not just a sport, it is life!

6. Boxing is not a fight, it is a brave sport!

7. Do it beautifully… and make it bearable!

8. Not a single blow, except for the sun, should remain unanswered…

9. One good punch to the head is like Raffaello, instead of a thousand words.

10. Boxing is such a special science that examines a fighter for strength and endurance!

11. Boxing is strength. Boxing is beautiful.

12. Patience and work – they will bring you to the master!

13. The most important thing is to endure and stay strong, even when it is very difficult.

14. Boxing and life are very close. And here and there you get knocked out when you open…

15. What do you need to be happy? Gloves, bandages, boxers, shorts and a T-shirt!

16. As my coach used to say: “Boxing is not chess for you, you have to think here!”

17. Boxing is the art of persuasion. But it is not the opponent who needs to be convinced, but the audience. Convincing that you hit them, but a man falls in the ring.

18. The main thing in boxing is not to let the lights turn off.

19. A correct fight lasts 14 seconds: you get closer for 2 seconds, you strike for 1 second, the referee counts 10 seconds… and 1 second to smile.

20. As the coach said: “If you fell – get up, never give up!”

21. In boxing, the main thing is not the fist or the bank, as many believe, but the main thing is the head. After all, a thinking boxer is able to defeat an opponent much stronger than himself.

22. Sport is beautiful. Boxing is strength.

Boxing Is For The Strong!

Boxing is not for whiners and weaklings. Boxing for those who want to become better, stronger, and faster. They go to boxing not for the sake of victories, but for the sake of testing themselves for strength – the best boxing statuses for Whatsapp.

1. If you want to be a boxer – be it! Do not wait! Do what you were born for!

2. Do boxing and you will not care how much they press there!

3. Fight to the end. Pain is temporary, triumph is eternal…

4. Fate is hammering on the left, on the right. Either a difficult moment of defeat, or a test of star glory. What is our life? Of course, the ring!

5. In boxing, size doesn’t matter; you have to have the spirit of a fighter. This is especially noticeable when you beat your opponents in a, particularly spectacular way.

6. Nothing brings people together like sparring.

7. Make it so that you use life, not life uses you!

8. No matter how powerful the wolf paws are, a double blow is always more powerful!

9. Is it difficult to train? Be patient. In battle, you will say: “Thank you!”

10. It is necessary to beat so that the opponent thinks that the train kissed him!

11. In the ring there is will and courage, behind the ring – simplicity, and modesty…

12. How many fighters do not feed – one hell of a weight will drive.

13. The fight tests how hard you’ve worked in training. The better your preparation, the stronger you are.

14. You can’t be a coward. If you have to kick someone in the face, you have to hit. The bravest is the one who is tired of being afraid.

15. It doesn’t hurt when you get hit. And then, when you could not hit back.

16. Hard? Hold on. Forced to fight? Fight. Until the last heartbeat.

17. Real strength is born in the head. She makes us walk even when the body wants to fall.

18. Train to transcend the limits that most people claim to exist.

19. Where, if not in boxing, you can stuff a friend’s face, and he will not be offended.

20. Boxing is almost the same as life. And here and there the most important thing is not the strength of your blows, but the ability to withstand strangers.

21. There are such forbidden techniques, after which not only screaming, you don’t even have time to breathe. This is especially common in boxing and love.

22. When life knocks down, do not forget that you only have 10 seconds to get up, take a breath and go forward…

23. When it seems to you that you have knocked out a person, do not rush to rejoice… Perhaps this is just a slight knockdown, after which you will be knocked out.

About Boxers!

1. The boxer’s main commandment is to avoid evil and do good!

2. The boxer is always right.

3. The most important rule of a boxer: “Do not look around, you miss all the most important!”

4. Anyone can insult a boxer, but not everyone will have time.

5. I hit with the left. Crown – right. Funeral – two blows to the kidneys. And flowers in the eyes.

6. Those who touch boxer girls become a mystery for dentists. And you shouldn’t touch the boxer himself…

7. Boxing proverb: “When leaving, extinguish everyone.”

8. Blend-a-Med doesn’t save bad boxers.

9. The boxer hits twice: once in the face, and the second time on the lid of the coffin.

10. Don’t cry father – your son is a boxer. Let him cry, whose son is a dancer!

11. Whether you are a fighter or a karate fighter… For a boxer, you are an artist!

12. The fact that a boxer has a good heart does not mean that he cannot give a face.

13. A boxer is a person whose right hook is done faster than he can think.

14. Maybe I’m not the strongest, not the fastest, and not the best boxer. But I love boxing with all my heart!

15. It doesn’t matter if you are a football player or a boxer. The main thing is that a boxer!

16. Everyone can upset a boxer, but not everyone has time to apologize.

17. When a boxer needs something, it is easier for him to give than to explain why it is impossible!

18. A bad boxer has everything written on his face.

19. A boxer must act in the ring so that there is nothing to complain about.

20. Everyone has love, and I’m going to work out…

21. The one on the right is one of those things that is more profitable to give than to receive.

22. The desire to fill our face is in our blood. Therefore, we root for our favorite fighters as if they were our own!

23. For many, the hardest part about boxing is picking your teeth off the floor with a boxing glove.

24. Fighting hall is a wonderland, entered with ears – left without.

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