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WhatsApp Status About The Boss

The relationship between a boss and his subordinates is an endless range of emotions that leaves no one indifferent. Some of the readers will probably smile when reading Whatsapp statuses about bosses and work, and someone will simply grit their teeth…

About The Bossy Mind

A subordinate to his superiors must look dashing and silly. It is not known whether Tsar Peter actually spoke about this, but the statuses about the chief have been popular from ancient times to the present day.

1. Respect your current boss, even if he is a fool. Because the next one might be worse.

2. Idiots don’t disappear. They are promoted.

3. I want to work as a boss so as not to do a damn thing and be constantly busy.

4. A modern sign: if the boss has a great idea, then you have to suffer garbage all day…

5. A leader is a person from whose mouth the decisions made by the fifth point fly out.

6. The director is like a wife. Better to agree with his stupidity.

7. Today my boss ran into me. In response, I was very rude to him… I kept silent.

8. For a successful career, the face should not be smarter than that of the boss…

9. We all know how to lead the right way. And yet no one has been able to convey this to the chief.

10. I work so hard to get rich. So far, this only works for my director.

11. If a person sits alone in a cafe on New Year’s Eve and drinks, one should not suspect he is an alcoholic. He is a businessman and he has a corporate party!

12. The director is not always right. But he is constantly a director.

13. Know, the director thinks better than you! And while you are choosing the right decision, he already makes the wrong one.

14. It’s not good when mediocrity is your immediate boss.

15. To advertise your intellect to a director is like eyeing a girl in a dark room. Demonstrating his stupidity to a boss is like making eyes at a peasant in the light.

16. The worker’s boss is the enemy.

17. The optimal director is the one to whom the question: “What are you doing?” it is permissible to answer: “I’m playing the fool.”

18. In the bath, everyone is the same, but the management goes to the sauna.

I Lead – I Lead With My Hand

1. When speaking with management, do not speak too well of a colleague. Otherwise, he will be appointed to your place.

2. I imagine that the manager looks at me and thinks – this gadget can work more efficiently.

3. I put the question to my boss point-blank: either he raises my salary, or I leave. We reached a consensus: he does not raise salaries, I am not leaving.

4. The leader must think, and not just wave the whip.

5. It’s hard to be a middle manager. And above are idiots, and below……

6. It’s hard to work hard when the director is your friend.

7. For ten years I had been repeating to my colleagues that the bosses were idiots, and now, at last, I myself have grown to the level of a leader… Now I cannot stop thinking about how my former bosses ruled these rams.

8. I wrote on social networks that I work for the “corporation of monsters”. The boss doesn’t greet me now.

9. Don’t feed the boss with bread, let him work.

10. The chief should have enough time for everything. Alien.

11. I sent a message to the girl: “Hello, Zaya”. The answer immediately comes: “Hello, kitty.” It turns out that he sent the boss…

12. If the problem cannot be solved, then you need to start leading.

13. The angle of view depends on which chair the person is sitting in.

14. The director kicked the cat out of the office today. Shaggy was aiming at his chair…

My Job Is Just Class

Reading statuses about bosses, you can cheer yourself up. Sometimes this is all that remains.

1. Are the stars promising you a love adventure? It is possible that the director will call you to the “carpet”…

2. After the paintball, the boss can be identified by the colorful splashes and bruises from the butts.

3. Every director says that as a young man he never was late, did not drink, did not play shooting games, but only dreamed of working overtime!

4. Every leader loves punctuality in his subordinates in the morning, but at the end of the working day, he hates it.

5. We do not have irreplaceable people, but they still don’t give me a vacation.

6. Does your director treat you well? Means, great underpaid.

7. Anyone subordinate to brevity is talented.

8. The chief suddenly found me at work.

9. Letting a subordinate leave work early – destroyed the family.

10. The prize in September will be given to us with vegetables. The boss said: “F*ck you!”.

11. IT specialists, when they do not have enough memory, go to ask for money from the management. For the rest, this number does not work.

12. The boss has a book in his closet, “It’s okay to be a boss.” I think this is not normal at all.

13. Making a career means that you are in a hurry to work when everyone else is going to drink beer.

14. The boss scolds me, but the money still drips.

Leading Is Serious Business

A strict boss has a status written on his face.

1. Are you all unhappy with the boss? And when did you put some food on the cat?

2. A wonderful profession as a boss. You kick the Balda and are constantly busy.

3. The director gave everyone a chocolate bar and said that the coming year should be like this. The chocolate was bitter…

4. Workers have two vacations: their own and the director’s.

5. Money gives happiness only to those who are happy to earn it.

6. If he knew where the boss would fall – he would pour some glass…

7. A director who believes that his subordinates respect him and will never leave should first look in the mirror.

8. Is your boss yelling and filthy insults? Don’t be alarmed – he just bought the “Communication Monster” tariff.

9. Judging by the salary, you come to the conclusion that our leaders drank from the hoof.

10. Here you are scolding the chief. And look what spring is with him!

11. If the director suddenly began to communicate normally with you, then one of the two of you will soon be fired.

12. Work is not a wolf. The chef is not Little Red Riding Hood.

13. Imagination is a property of the mind that allows us to think that we would lead much better than our director.

14. A good boss is just like mine. Only good.

15. Leaders are not born. They become.

16. In the course of evolution, the monkey turned into a man. Along the way, he became my director.

17. Face number 1, and what a face!

18. It is permissible to love those whom you lead. But don’t show it to them.

19. Everything at our factory is like in “House 2”. Lots of cameras, no smoking. The director is also a horse…

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