Best WhatsApp Hurricane Statuses

Best Whatsapp Hurricane statuses remind of the omnipotence of nature, its secret and mysterious sides. Perhaps she pays people with the same coin for neglecting her, the desire to break and subjugate.

To Help The Victims

Happy is he who has not witnessed the hurricane. And it will be better if you do not continue to meet with him.

1. We called the dog Hurricane, but this lazy creature did not live up to its name.

2. If you see a hurricane in a dream, then expect loss. It is better, of course, not to wait for them, but to try not to think about the bad. Perhaps you will lose what you should have left long ago.

3. A hurricane of love is, unfortunately, or fortunately, not for long. Calm family happiness is stability and a safe haven.

4. A gentle gentle breeze suddenly turned into an ominous hurricane.

5. If you wait out the hurricane in the basement, then you forget about its real danger.

6. When his gaze became indifferent, and his eyes fixed motionlessly on some point, wait for an imminent hurricane.

7. He was as strong as a hurricane and at the same time as naive as a child.

8. A hurricane of thoughts raged in my head, and I could not get into the stream of extraneous conversation.

9. The earth is increasingly responding to a man with storms and hurricanes for his negative message to the environment.

10. The strongest hurricanes with irreversible consequences lead to surges in the birth rate.

11. The most powerful hurricane Sandy helped Barack Obama to reach a second presidential term.

12. American rock musicians gave charity concerts to help those affected by the devastating force of Hurricane Sandy.

13. In a matter of seconds, a hurricane tore off roofs from houses like leaves from trees.

14. A powerful idea does not always cope with itself: its violent currents often become a formidable hurricane.

15. After the hurricane suffered, the bird has the courage to sing songs, despite the wounded wings and the still trembling of the brave little heart.

Overtaking All Hurricanes

Hurricane Whatsapp statuses or quotes convey disturbing facts, paint sad pictures and passionate images of feelings, desires, memories.

1. The hurricane of music is such a magic that, being in captivity, you see the stars in the sky during the day, the sun at night, and in the desert, you will collect the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.

2. A hurricane is a hurricane in a glass.

3. The battle inspires the warrior so much that he rushes at it, overtaking all the hurricanes in the world.

4. The deadly Hurricane Sandy (2012) killed 233 people in eight North American countries. Sharks and crocodiles swam in the streets of the cities. In Manhattan, New York State, a strong wind created a short circuit in a power cable at a local electrical substation. More than half of the 33 specialists restoring electricity at the emergency site died.

5. There was a strong hurricane, everyone was thinking about saving their lives, and I was sorting out in my memory the happy moments of our love with you.

6. When the hurricane of relationships ends, you involuntarily begin to calculate losses, draw conclusions and respect yourself in advance for the acquired wisdom.

7. Hurricanes are easier to remember by giving them names.

8. If the spouses cherish their love, then she will save them in bad weather and hurricanes, help them not to fall in trouble, and not crush them in joy.

9. The strength of marriages is believed by hurricanes.

10. Since the beginning of the new 21st century, the United States has experienced 6 powerful hurricanes. The most destructive of the bottom were the last two: Katrina (2005) and Sandy (2012).

11. In Moscow and the Moscow region, 2 hurricanes passed with a difference of 11 years: in 1998 and 2009. Rushing through the metropolis, the elements aggravated the destruction of buildings, structures, and trees standing next to each other. People suffered, many streets were left without light. In Krasnozavodsk, Moscow Region, several streets were destroyed in 3 minutes. The hurricane broke trees like matches, threw cars in the air, tore off balconies from high-rise buildings.

12. Moscow and the Moscow region were the targets of three hurricanes that happened one after the other in 2016, 17, and 18 years. In a matter of 10-12 hours, 60% of the monthly rainfall fell. Heavy rain and mighty wind left their destructive trail, uprooting solid trees and sweeping roofs from houses. The power outage spread to 4 more nearby areas.

13. Two centuries ago, hurricanes were named after destroyed cities and destroyed ships. In 1953, the names were systematized by the World Meteorological Organization. Until 1979, hurricanes were assigned only female names in alphabetical order, then male names were added to the list.

Has Shown Its Destructive Power

Quotes about a tornado broadcast about powerful elements approaching people with sad periodicity.

1. For the first time in the Russian chronicle, a tornado was mentioned in 1406 near Nizhny Novgorod. A terrible whirlwind lifted a team with a horse and a man into the air and twisted them so that they could not be seen. The next day, a cart with a horse was found on the other bank of the Volga in a tree, but the man was never found.

2. In 1904, a tornado swept through Moscow, destroying everything in its path. During the terrible disaster, several dozen people died. The hurricane destroyed the historic Annenhof Grove in Moscow, which has been inhabited by trees since 1730. The huge park of the merchant and benefactor N.K. Golofteeva. Witnesses describe boiling clouds in a smoky sky descending to the ground in a huge crushing funnel. The hail came in the form of ice stones the size of a pigeon’s egg. Under the pressure of the tornado, all the water from the Moskva River swirled into the funnel so that the bottom was exposed. Having risen into the sky, the river water fell to the ground with a noise and a crash. Having shown its destructive power, the tornado suddenly rushed further towards Yaroslavl.

3. In the summer of 1984, in the central European part of the Soviet Union, in dry and hot weather, there was a collision of two air masses traveling in almost opposite directions. Several tornadoes of enormous destructive power passed through 5 regions, including the Moscow one. 7 more areas were affected by squally winds. The Ivanovo region suffered the most from the tornado, where 680 residential buildings, 200 household facilities, schools, kindergartens, and sown fields were destroyed. About 100 people died, more than 800 injured were seriously injured.

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