Best WhatsApp Statuses About Brown Eyes

Do you have brown eyes? Do you love brown eyes? Or maybe you want to speak about something about brown eyes? Then you are definitely here. The best statuses about brown eyes for Whatsapp. For both girls and guys!

WhatsApp Statuses For My eyes

For those with the world’s most stunning eyes. Tell the whole world about your brown eyes – statuses about your brown eyes!

1. My brown eyes will leave you without brakes! Take a look and check if brave!

2. No, my eyes are not blue at all… and they are much higher than the place you are looking at!

3. It’s so funny and cute – when you talk to a person eye to eye, and he looks at your lips…

4. The controversy over eye color will never subside. But you and I know – the very, very brown!

5. Brown eyes make you special. There are too many secrets and mysteries hidden in them…

6. Brown eyes are the most passionate eyes. Trust their owner!

7. Contrary to popular belief – they always fall in love with the eyes! And the easiest way is to fall in love with brown eyes…

8. My brown eyes make you smile… I know that. I love you too!

9. Beautiful, slim and young… and what else to be the owner of such gorgeous brown eyes?

10. I am an ordinary girl. I do not have an amazing figure. All I have is a small but kind and proud heart… and eyes, gorgeous brown eyes!

11. You got sick with your brown eyes. Where would I go with my blue ones…

12. And I believe… I just believe and I will continue to believe! One day you will look into my brown eyes and you will be able to love them.

13. I will put a status about my lovely brown eyes. I’ll wrap myself in a plaid and wait… someone will brighten up the evening.

WhatsApp Statuses For Her eyes

Quotes and sayings about brown-eyed girls. What are they? Read, find out, and put Whatsapp statuses about the girl’s brown eyes!

1. Brown-eyed girls are the smartest and most cunning!

2. Brown eyes draw in me. I do not know what happened to me. I just can’t look at them…

3. The brown-eyed girl is the standard of attractiveness, sensuality, and wit!

4. Girls with brown eyes are extremely hot-tempered, they can make a scene because of any trifle. On the other hand, they don’t dwell on grievances…

5. Her eyes. So naive and tired. Her cute brown eyes. But she still loves – that’s the main thing.

6. Brown eyes… sweet voice, pleasant smell. God, how I miss you!

7. Do you know what color happiness has eyes? But I know – they are brown!

8. I’m drowning… drowning in the depths of your brown eyes! I love you!

9. Those brown eyes are calling me to follow them. I already know… I know I can’t live without them!

10. Do you know the feeling when you look into brown eyes, and they pull you inward? Wow, she has such eyes!

11. Your brown eyes are never empty. Warmth and a little naivety are always hidden in them…

12. Do you know what love is? This is when you cannot live without her brown eyes!

13. From the look of her brown eyes, even the trees go crazy… where can we, mere mortals.

14. You can not only shoot with your eyes. Some people even manage to change with their eyes!

15. There is nothing more pleasant than looking into loving eyes in the morning. In the brown eyes of your beloved girl!

WhatsApp Statuses For His eyes

A brown-eyed guy can drive you crazy… How can there be any frivolous blue-eyed people! Whatsapp Statuses about the guy’s brown eyes, from which it is so difficult to look away.

1. The temperament of brown eyes is incomparable with anything. No blue-eyed people even swam nearby.

2. His brown eyes. They are so cool and dear. Incredibly kind. Any fool can fall in love with these eyes… how one would like to think that I am not “any”.

3. Brown eyes have corrupted my soul. They turned my feelings into a hurricane, they destroyed my peace…

4. The best eyes are those that look at you with love. And you don’t care what color they are. They are the closest…

5. His brown look makes me vulnerable, in love, and stupid… I don’t want to be like that.

6. His eyes… god, his brown chocolate eyes. I never understood why, but they exuded so much loneliness. Is it possible?

7. I forced myself to look again into his brown eyes… I realized that all was not lost, that it was still possible to return.

8. His brown eyes… they are maddening. They are so kind, so cool.

9. I don’t want to see that brown-eye look again. I am sure that if I see – I will drown… and this time forever!

10. I met his gaze, a spark ran… at that moment I realized that a dream has an eye color!

11. When I saw his eyes, I saw in them my whole life. It was then that I decided that I would stay with him… forever.

12. I loved you for your brown eyes. They are always honest. Eyes that will help you survive any grief.

13. I am not crazy! I just got a little sick with his brown eyes!

And A Bit More Statuses About Brown Eyes

A little about what they are, brown-eyed people! Whatsapp Statuses about brown-eyed people are neutral, beautiful, and cute.

1. Mmm… what beautiful brown eyes read this status. Oh… and what a smile appeared!

2. Brown-eyed people are the most gentle people! They do not know how to love to pretend, they are always faithful!

3. If you were born with brown eyes – congratulations, you are very lucky!

4. Did you know that the owner of brown eyes is wildly amorous? True, in fairness, they cool down even faster than they fall in love.

5. Brown-eyed people are very energetic. They have a lot of passion and energy.

6. Brown-eyed people are very amorous and happy. But remember – their love must be protected! Protect and rekindle over and over again, every day!

7. You can read a lot in the eyes of people. But not in brown eyes, they always hide some kind of secret…

8. Contrary to popular belief, you can drown not only in blue eyes…

9. Someone is undressed with their eyes, and someone, shuddering, is dressed… and the color of the eyes has nothing to do with it.

10. Just not to look into his eyes. If only not to break. If only not to see the look of his brown eyes…

11. How cool it is when he loves you. When there is a reason to rush to a meeting, because the extra minutes without his brown eyes are unbearable…

12. Brown-eyed people have an incredible ability to fall in love and cool down in a matter of seconds…

13. Of course, you can fall in love with blue eyes at first sight. But you will want to live life with completely different – brown eyes!

14. I don’t need other eyes. I don’t care what color they are. I just love you.

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