Best WhatsApp Status About Weightlifting

Sport is, of course, good, but good sport is even better! Weightlifting is one such sport. After all, who dares to argue with a weightlifter? Cool and motivational quotes about weightlifting – share with your friends and on Whatsapp status.

Perhaps The Best Sport In The World!

What is weightlifting and why should it do it at all? Choose your answer and share it in the Whatsapp status.

1. It is worth doing weightlifting at least in order to test yourself.

2. Life ends where training begins.

3. Carefully! Watching weightlifters is addictive!

4. You need to play for the result, not for glory. Then everything will be, you will see.

5. To each his own: cattle – alcohol and drugs, and people – sports!

6. The best motivation to start playing sports is your own desire to go in for sports!

7. The best pain a person can experience is muscle pain after exercise.

8. Well, you know, as they say, strong people are harder to defeat, and in general – they will be more useful.

9. We all dream of something that is unattainable. But tell me, how many of you have actually taken even one step towards the unattainable?

10. Sport will certainly make you stronger and more enduring, but the most important thing is your confidence and will.

11. The easiest way to win is when you are confident in yourself. Problems begin when your opponent is also confident in himself.

12. Weightlifting is a sport in which the result remains unknown, no matter how many repetitions you do.

13. Go in for athletics, kids! Well, someone who, and she will definitely save the world!

14. Sport is a religion for optimists. Optimists who believe in rules, believe in their comrades, and believe in their future!

15. Biceps are good, but good biceps are even better!

16. Iron never lies, unlike humans. Iron is always honest with you. That’s why I love the rocking chair.

17. If you think that it is enough to exercise, but eating right is not at all necessary, then you will be severely disappointed …

Good Must Be With Fists

Being a jock and an athlete is not the same thing! Weightlifting Whatsapp statuses that explain why.

1. If you don’t have enough motivation, then think about the fact that somewhere in the world a fragile blonde is just stretching to your maximum weight.

2. Loving what you do is the most important thing. If you love what you do, then you will succeed.

3. Like McDonald’s? You and I are not on the way – after all, people like you are not taken into weightlifters!

4. If you have only two digits in your waist, then you are clearly doing something wrong.

5. To get what you have never received before, be ready to do what you haven’t done yet.

6. When you hear from a man the statement that he does not want to be a mountain of muscles, then he is either lying to you, or he is not a man!

7. Professional sports is, first of all, an eternal desire to devour, and then everything else.

8. If you can say something intelligible between sets, then you train for fun.

9. Courage is never loud. Courage is always a quiet whisper that is barely audible.

10. The champion becomes the one who knows how to rise at the moment when everyone else resigned themselves to defeat.

11. All people have their own characteristics, habits, and hobbies. You yourself choose your world, there is no need to shift the blame onto others.

12. There is not a lot of workouts, there is a lot of sleep and food, and workouts – any amount will be just right.

13. The road to nowhere is always laid out with excuses.

14. I don’t train because I want medals, I just like to be healthy and beautiful.

15. It’s okay to want more. Only the dead are satisfied with everything.

16. There are people who feel good and comfortable in their familiar surroundings. They do not like to take risks, expose themselves to dangers. So, I’m not that kind of person!

17. Weightlifting and steroids have as much in common as a cat and a washing machine do.

Heavy Motivation

Cool motivational quotes about weightlifting for Whatsapp status, which you are not ashamed to share with your friends.

1. You can believe in exercise and diet, but until you believe in yourself, there will be no result.

2. If you are ready to dump into the sunset at the first drop of sweat, then you and I are not on our way.

3. Discipline is the kind of thing that makes the earth spin. Whether you like it or not.

4. It is an incomparable feeling to feel your power and confidence. It was definitely worth going to sports for this.

5. You need to study not in order to forget everything later. You need to learn in order to never forget.

6. Even a mediocre athlete who is very diligent can make an excellent coach.

7. Strength is not in muscles, strength in steel will to win.

8. Of course, life is multifaceted and does not consist solely of training. You can justify your existence with this. It’s my pleasure.

9. According to statistics, squats are not only harmless, but also significantly reduce the risk of injury!

10. Of course, you may feel tired. It happens to everyone. The main thing is not to get bogged down in this shit!

11. The life of a weightlifter is when something constantly hurts you. But this pain is damn good.

12. Appreciate your achievements, but be proud only of your victories.

13. If a person wants something, a person achieves it. Everything else is just cheap excuses.

14. If you think that you are very cunning, since you decided to cut off on the easy path, then know that you are just a weakling.

15. If it seems to you that disappearing in the gym is dangerous. Then try to be a weakling. This is really dangerous.

16. Weightlifting is not the same as bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is for housewives who are not capable of anything more.

17. Have you noticed that every time someone criticizes you, he is usually weaker and stupider than you?

18. You need to think about the upcoming victories, and not about the defeats that have happened.

19. You need to train with full dedication. Completely abstract from the outside world. This is the only way.

20. I have not been looking for those who will allow me for a long time. I’m looking for those who will try to stop me!

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