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Thunderstorm Whatsapp statuses include thoughts, reasoning, philosophy, or scientific knowledge. Everything that happens in nature concerns a person: he lives in this beautiful world, sees and in his own way feels the riots of the elements.

And The Rain Washes Away All Traces

Whatsapp statuses about thunder and rain are a leisurely conversation about a beautiful and powerful phenomenon of nature in the summer.

1. Nature has created an orchestra of thunderstorms, lightning, thunder, rain, impressive in appearance and sound. These deafening and undividedly dominant sounds in their own language speak to a person who, at these minutes and hours, not only for them, but also for himself, sees as a tiny grain of sand that does not represent anything.

2. It is convenient to cry in the rain: no one will notice your tears, will not turn around, and will not crawl into the soul with their sympathies.

3. Love not only the beauty of nature, but also its character with boring rains, impatient thunderstorms, deafening thunder, and lightning without complexes.

4. Thunderstorms and rain merge in a wild dance in nature. Until they take their souls away, they will not calm down.

5. Rain without a thunderstorm – a quiet tearful boy. But with a thunderstorm, it acquires special strength and significance, even if it is not abundant.

6. Rain in a thunderstorm accompanied by thunder and lightning color music is something mesmerizing, albeit frightening for many.

7. The rain slowly saturating the earth, and the storm rumbled with satisfaction, like a nursing cat rejoicing in the satiety of its kittens.

8. Thunderstorm noisily rises against the hegemony of heat and heat, calling rain and thunder into its warlike tandem. The sun, knowing the stubbornness of a thunderstorm, goes to rest until the next terribly hot days, exhausting people and the earth.

Life On The Planet Owes Lightning

Whatsapp statuses about thunder and lightning may or may not be liked, and not everyone likes thunderstorms with lightning. But there is no such person who does not pay attention to these mighty scenes in the firmament.

1. Some people need not calmness with the sun and birdsong, but a rebellious thunderstorm with thunder and lightning.

2. Thunderstorms and lightning are two restless friends, seeing whom their friend thunder hurries to keep company.

3. The thunderstorm is buzzing, lightning paints bright flashes in the sky. What are the scandals in the heavenly office? What did these two beautiful goddesses not share?

4. Lightning is omnipotent. During a night thunderstorm, it turns the darkness of the night into daylight in a split second.

5. Thunderstorm causes lightning and lightning causes thunder.

6. Poplars are afraid of thunderstorms, because they are more susceptible to deadly lightning strikes than all trees. What an injustice: noble and modest poplars emit the largest amount of oxygen into the atmosphere, saving city streets from its deficit.

7. A thunderstorm is always preceded by the indignation of nature: a strong wind, a frowning sky, rumbling sounds of thunder, and triumphant arrows of lightning, splitting the sky into pieces.

8. Thunderstorms and lightning caused life on our planet through the damage formed after lightning strikes in the membranes of bacterial cells. Through these “channels” there was a mixing and alteration of the DNA of bacteria, which served as the origin of life millions of years ago.

9. Ball lightning is like a character from an old fairy tale, who is subject to everything and no one knows what he wants. However, people know that a huge force of destruction is concentrated in this ball, emitting light.

10. Under the influence of air currents, ball lightning sometimes distorts its shape, taking the form of an ellipse, pear, ring. Only this does not change her dangerous nature.

11. You should always remember that lightning is much more dangerous than earthquakes, fires, and volcanic eruptions.

12. Lightning burns out the most bizarre configurations in the sky in the form of a tourniquet, rope, ribbon, ordinary stick, even a cylinder. On rare occasions, lightning creates a red, yellow, blue, or green fireball. Ball lightning can travel on the ground, look into rooms, and roll outback. Approaching her is life-threatening.

13. Lightnings visit not only the planet Earth, but also Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter. On Saturn, lightning strikes are a million times stronger than on Earth.

14. Thunder shoots lightning bolts from its crossbow, and thunder applauds loudly.

15. Lightning during a thunderstorm often targets deciduous trees, except for linden, walnut, beech, containing oils, – protection from electric current.

Strong In Spirit Are Not Afraid Of Thunderstorms

Quotes about a thunderstorm are probably interested in many, realizing that a thunderstorm is one of the character traits of Mother Nature. Short quotes about a thunderstorm without wasting words tell about the elements, lead to deep thoughts and rich feelings.

1. The thunderstorm passes, the numbness from it – too, but for some reason, I still want these eerie sensations, like adrenaline on a roller coaster.

2. A thunderstorm – albeit a mighty element crushing everything under itself, but it also happens to be a long-awaited guest, when the heat of the sun does not calm down in any way, taking away the strength from all living things.

3. Summer thunderstorms don’t matter. This is how nature asserts itself in its eternal life on earth.

4. The thunderstorm, like a well-aimed woodcutter, cuts through the logs of heaven, and it is impossible to take your eyes off this all-powerful game.

5. A thunderstorm clears the universe from anxiety and despondency, stirring up the soul from something coming.

6. Strong in spirit are not afraid of thunderstorms.

7. When there is happiness in the soul, the thunderstorm seems like a honey song about love.

8. Preparing for a thunderstorm, nature is changing, collecting reserve shelves of rain and wind rushing behind clouds of dust. There is a special pre-thunderstorm smell that barely restrains its strength.

9. “You have to think about something bad so as not to accidentally smile,” the boy with braces told himself during the impending thunderstorm.

10. Do not wait for the end of the thunderstorm, learn to look for the good in it.

11. When Mrs. Storm speaks with a monologue, all living things tremble, each molecule falls on its face and begs for mercy.

12. For the health to come to the government, a public revolt is needed, like a healing thunderstorm for nature.

13. A thunderstorm is both a destructive warrior and a creative mother.

14. In childhood, no thunderstorm is terrible when mom is near.

15. In fate, there is never always sunny weather, as in nature: the daily heat dries up, so a thunderstorm comes to the rescue – a powerful balance between the body of nature and man.

16. Just as a thunderstorm brings purification to the atmosphere, so quarrels between lovers bring renewal to relationships so that the bonds of love can be more closely held together.

17. As a child, my brother was a threat to all the boys from our yard, and I was automatically in the safety zone. Fighting didn’t interest me, so I underestimated my privileged position.

18. A thunderstorm can stir up emotions and give free rein to inspiration.

19. Before the approach of a thunderstorm, the trees are hunched over, expecting a difficult invasion of the elements. But then life rejoices and does not hide its enthusiasm.

20. Thunderstorms like to show themselves in front of frightened people. The elements want to show off and once again remind who is the boss.

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